Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Did I do Kevin “Bully” McCarthy an injustice?

We didn’t have access to Majority Leader Kevin "Bully" McCarthy’s entire press release yesterday. In publishing only the excerpts available at the time we may have inadvertently understated Bully McCarthy's opposition to free enterprise, economic freedom and prosperity. The entire proletarian statement follows:

For Immediate Release: 1 August 2008
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, 515-306-4044
Statement from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy
Regarding House Republican Flood Response Plan

"Today, after reading House Minority Leader Christopher Rant's plan to help those hit hard by the recent "storms and flooding of 2008"...I say...shame on you! The House Republican Leader's plan for flood relief is an utter embarrassment and flood affected Iowans should be outraged. The current House Republican Leader seems to be a 'one trick pony".

"Their proposal is another major warning sign that the Republican party has veered terribly to the political right and is completely out of touch with mainstream Iowa. We have thousands of individual Iowans hurting right now...many of them with their homes and property devastated. We have levees that need repaired or entirely rebuilt. We have hundreds of miles of roads and rail that need repaired. We have insurance obligations that need to be monitored and federal assistance that needs to be obtained - and the list goes on and on. And what is the House Republican proposal to deal with flood relief? Tax cuts for big corporations!"

"This is $122 million, over two years, that could help middle class families and small businesses recover - instead of another handout to big business in non-affected areas."

"Even more appalling is that the Republican proposal for flood relief Is virtually the same corporate tax cut proposal they pushed before the floods even occurred! What a joke!"

McCarthy’s characterization of the Republican proposal certainly causes one to wonder how many small businesses, like
Consolidated Supply, got wiped out in the Birdland neighborhood flood. Has the Majority Leader lived in Des Moines all his life and never seen a Schaal (as in “Call Schall Y’all) Plumbing & Heating commercial, ‘cause that Des Moines small business was destroyed in the flood also. We do know this, every one of those Birdland businesses would benefit from the Republican proposal.

We Republicans should plead guilty to one of Bully’s Venusian charges: Republicans continuously argue and work to bring the greatest prosperity to the largest number of people that is consistent with the freedom that makes prosperity worthwhile in the first place, so I guess that pursuit of national prosperity and economic freedom does make us a “one trick pony” after all.

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Major Ken (Just say no to Marxism) said...

McCarthy looked at a map and seeing only businesses in Birdland decided they don't vote so why bother helping. He's a union hackjob liberal who believes fatcat rich people have all the money and he wants to liberate that money. He's a joke and, if history serves as any guide, liberal hacks usually go Archie Brooks dirty sooner or later. Perhaps Kevin should invest in better prisons in anticipation of his future.