Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kevin McCarthy: sucking the marrow from the bones of Iowa’s flood victims.

In an exchange of public statements about both the need and form of flood relief for Iowans Kevin McCarthy gave Iowan an opportunity to see measure the true length, depth and width of the shaft he wants to give Iowans.

Christopher Rants, Iowa House leader, presented the modest proposal that the Iowa adopt the federal extended depreciation for businesses, large and small, for 2008. The Rants proposal would allow businesses, again, regardless of size to faster and larger depreciation of equipment purchases made in 2008 and 2009. One must recall that the federal version of this depreciation plan passed the Democrat Congress with wide margins.

As most people know, faster depreciation makes it far cheaper to buy new equipment. For example, the mom and pop convenience store in Cedar Rapids that just had all of its very expensive refrigeration equipment and inventory and purchasing hardware destroyed needs to buy all of those refrigerators and cash registers before they can get back in business. Rants’ proposal makes it just that much easier for mom and pop to buy those refrigerators and cash registers.

The benefits don’t end there. The increased purchases would overwhelmingly be made at other Iowa businesses thereby radiating the economic stimulus to a new level of beneficiaries. Remember, every one of these businesses employ at least one person so getting those people whose jobs were displaced by the flood back to work is the end result.

Everyone who has ever worked in a non union shop private enterprise understands these simple principles. The manifestly obvious benefits of depreciation as a powerful and universal stimulus probably explain its overwhelming passage by the genuinely anti-business Democrat Congress.

Finally, one must remember that extension of accelerated depreciation into 2009 for Iowa businesses was just one facet of flood relief Christopher proposed-it was not even suggested as the totality of the Republican plan for State flood relief.
This is how Kevin “Bully” McCarthy described such a beneficial proposal:

The House Republican Leader's plan for flood relief is an utter embarrassment and flood affected Iowans should be outraged.” “Their proposal is another major warning sign that the Republican party has veered terribly to the political right and is completely out of touch with mainstream Iowa. We have thousands of individual Iowans hurting right now...many of them with their homes and property devastated. We have levees that need repaired or entirely rebuilt. We have hundreds of miles of roads and rail that need repaired. We have insurance obligations that need to be monitored and federal assistance that needs to be obtained - and the list goes on and on. And what is the House Republican proposal to deal with flood relief? Tax cuts for big corporations!

McCarthy’s rage and hatred displays a religious commitment to an economically destructive leftist ideology. Every Iowan knows that our businesses urgently need help to recover from the floods. It is also evident that the floods have rapidly accelerated Iowa’s existing ten year slow motion economic decline that has dropped us below Mississippi and West Virginia for business climate.

Can we survive even two more years of the Gronstal/Murphy/McCarthy triumvirate of socialism?


Anonymous said...

This is just the latest example of how social and religious issues have overtaken the democrat party. My goodness, what a radical shift.

Fi-cons - how say you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to David Yepsen, Joy Corning, Ray Hoffman, Diane Crookham Johnson, Stew Iverson and Steve Roberts, the far left democrats are now using the phrase they came up with to divide republicans. The name calling they used for conservatives who also care about life is now going to hurt the whole party through their unfortunate rhetoric.

The use of the phrase "verring terribly to the political right" came from republicans.

The party didn't veer right. The party stayed the same. It's the people that quit being conservatives.

This is a social and fiscal conservative issue that Bully Mccarthy is talking about.

Nearly all social conservatives are also fiscal conservatives. They are also environmental conservatives.

They are simply and completely conservative in all aspects of thier lives.

Will the folks above who were soooooo scared of people who care about life being the national committeepeople come out and battle bully mccarthy?

He needs stopped.

I didn't hear one sentence in his leftist rant about human beings. I see nothing but growing government in his leftist rant. He doesn't care about the human factor. He just cares about forcing institutions to behave his way.

Anonymous said...

I don't even see how Rants veered to the "very far right". That sentence makes no sense.

I hope the average Joe sees this for what it is, still more politicizing from the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

John Deeth is reporting on the Iowa delegation today. Everyone wonders what we all see in Steve King.

Here's an example. He works! He does what Congressmen are supposed to do. He's staying late, working overtime to get flood relief to Iowans and to get us lower gas prices. He's not a prima donna and not a lazy elected. He's such a breath of fresh air.

What have the others been doing for us lately?

Thank you Steve King for working hard for your voters and not just for yourself.

From Deeth

Steve King is one of two dozen Republican U.S. House members staying in Washington during the AUgust recess to demand a vote on offshore drilling.

King spoke Monday on a darkened House floor, next to a giant photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with the words “I am trying to save the planet” underneath.

King said Pelosi has decided that “saving the planet is worth more than saving the Homo sapiens.”

Anonymous said...

Here's what Tom Latham is doing. Tom Latham does not have a beef about offshore drilling.

Tom - that's my number one issue. That's all everyone is talking about at the water cooler. Why isn't it yours?

You sound passive and uninterested in the day to day paycheck issues of your middle class constituents.
Iowa's other House members are back home, meeting with constituents and getting in a little campaigning.

Republican Tom Latham spent his Monday at town meetings in Greene, Franklin and Hancock counties.

He's also protesting inaction by the Democratic leadership -- but his beef is not about offshore drilling.

"I voted against adjournment because it is wrong for Congress to leave without fulfilling what is a solemn promise to help Iowans and others in the Midwest waiting for flood relief," he said in a press release.

Anonymous said...

Steve King is up for re-election too. His competition brought in Joe "I really am a trip" Trippi. Ooh ahhh - the magnificent producer of Howard Dean's Scream!

Yet, Steve King is not worrying about himself and Joe Trippi. He's worried about Iowans going broke as gas prices increase every single expense for families.

Steve King is worried about the effect of high food prices caused by high gas prices and the weather on the entire Iowa economy. If we contract our spending, our economy goes belly up.

Steve King is worried about US. Everyone else is simply worried about their career.

Anonymous said...

Where's Leonard Boswell?

Anonymous said...

"Will the folks above who were soooooo scared of people who care about life being the national committeepeople come out and battle bully mccarthy?"

Maybe. It depends on the weather. I'm working on my backswing.

David "I have a life dammit" Yepsen

We'll see if it works into my social life. Saturday's are tough. Things to do, people to see. Fundraising for Planned Parenthood takes up a bunch of my time. We all have our priorities ya know.

Joy "I was forced out of the republican party" Corning.

Maybe. It depends on how it affects my casino business. They gave me that smoking exception, so I better be nice to the democrats. I probably am out on this one. Thanks for asking.

Gary "I depend on my customers going broke for my wealth - bet more bet often. It's good for me" Kirke

Anonymous said...

If the REPUBLICAN President wants the Congress back in session, all he has to do is CALL THEM BACK! Quit your belly achin' it just another political ploy.

Major Ken (Just say no to Marxism) said...

Pelosi is hawking her book about feminism (Amazon rank 1,500) but can't muster the gumption to face a vote on energy despite the FACT Democrats campaigned on high-energy prices in 2006. Yeah, great job wingnuts!!!!! The price is double now and Obama talks about airing up tires and Hillary wants to sue OPEC. Drilling can't work but we want our enemies to drill more because it will work if they drill. Russia and China, and great environmental types, are drilling everywhere on the freakin planet!

Major Ken (Just say no to Marxism) said...

And here is the real news that matters, McCain is beating Obama and Middle America is getting scared of Obama. 50,000 bikers cheered for McCain a few days ago in Sturgis where Republicans don’t normally get cheers so it seems Hillary was on to something big when stated Obama will not win the White vote. It is not racist to be revolted by a socialist and his politics are killing him with Whites – not his skin color!

It turns out Obama's chickens are coming home to roost! Can his rapper friends sing a few more songs to seal the deal?

vlad the impaler said...


Latham voted to sue OPEC as well.

Tommy boy needs to get his ass back to DC with King and hammer San Fran Nan and the liberals.

Major Ken (Just say no to Marxism) said...

Tommy needs to get with the program!

vlad the impaler said...

Latham is less than worthless. We could get better representation from a dishrag.

Memo to Latam:


Doesn't matter much to me. I'm voting for the Independant in the race anyway.

Major Ken (Just say no to Marxism) said...

well, at least the libs in Iowa manage to vote rather than simply vote PRESENT like their idiot seeking POTUS!

Major Ken (Just say no to Marxism) said...

CANDIDATE!!!! Whew, almost made a major snafu on that one! Lord help us if he becomes the POTUS.

Bob Barr 08! said...

Okay. "free market" means no government intervention. That means No corporate welfare.

You Republicans are always more than willing to give tax payer money to struggling businesses, fannie mae and freddie mac, the airline industry and nation building in Iraq and Afghanastan.

How bout you stop the crazy spending so we can actually afford to lower taxes?