Monday, August 04, 2008

Maybe now they’ll learn?

No nation other than Iran on this planet has been more obstructive of the American and Western efforts to defeat global Islamofascism and the terrorism it sponsors and promotes. Whether its action against Iraqi militarism, Sudanese racism or Iranian proliferation, the Chinese can be found reliably blocking American policy through whatever diplomatic and economic means as are necessary to obtain the Chinese objective to, well, thwart us.

Islamic terrorists attacked in China. Apparently all those years of support failed to generate a sufficient level of gratitude to immunize the Chinese from Islamic religiously inspired terror. More than a dozen Chinese died in the attack.

While the loss of less than two dozen police officers is undoubtedly insufficient to outrage a government that kills thousands of its citizens (and involuntarily aborts millions of babies) the attack itself might provoke a more anti-Islamist response from nothing more noble than national embarrassment. If so and the Butchers of Beijing stop protecting the Butchers of Khartoum and the Crazies in Teheran we will have an opportunity to make some real big progress in the War on Terror.


Major Ken (Just say no to Marxism) said...

Perhaps it will jolt them out of their slumber to help us but I doubt it since the only reason the Chicoms care is because it is during the Olympics. They, like the Ruskies, have no regard for their own people and only notice when the outside world is paying close attentiong.

So much for Marxist countries caring about anything other than bad publicity which they rarely get as long as socialists control western media.

Also, the people who did this attack are surely aligned with the anti Uzbekistan group we pretend does not exist - at least that was part of our reason to end diplomatic relations with that country after they had a similar uprising that was brutally supressed by the government. The point is that area has jihadists and Democracies are the only place where we tolerate them while other parts of the world squash 'em like the bugs they are.

vlad the impaler said...

Has the attack been independently confirmed? I don't trust anything that comes from the ChiComs.

Methinks it is all a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Who would hoax that?

vlad the impaler said...

ChiCom thugs.

Anonymous said...

um... I dont mean to sound like a butt head but F#$% the Chinese. Iran is a problem, but I think in the long run China is a bigger problem.

Iran is very divided and compared to China are very weak.