Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Damascus Nancy Pelosi: Dumb, Dishonest or Both?

What better a topic for our return to active blogging than our old foil Damascus Nancy Pelosi? It isn’t often that a public official of any kind engages in the kind of amazing dishonesty that Pelosi displayed today. Take a minute and review the following video.

Yes, that’s right. As public support for the ludicrous, regressive socialist budget “stimulus” package is collapsing, the socialist rhetoric supporting the “package” is rising to unprecedented levels.

Pelosi’s claim that the United States will lose 500 million jobs every month seems to be logically incompatible with the
size of the labor force, which contains only about 235 million people. The entire population of the United States is only 304 million.

Perhaps Damascus Nancy thinks that everyone in the United States is as divorced from factual reality as is she and the regressive socialists that support her. Fortunately, there are some of us left that were educated before regressive socialism became the dominant educational paradigm.

So, this return to action post is for those of you who remember that facts are more than mere inconvenient annoyances.


Anonymous said...

Come on, Ted! You've reduced yourself to this ridiculous bullshit?

Offering up schoolyard taunts such as "dumb as soap".

Offer up a solution, or at least positive commentary, or shut up.

Weak, really weak.

"If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, You aint gonna make it with anyone anyhow, Don't you know it's gonna be alright..."

Yoda said...

Welcome back Pappa Bear!!!

Stacy said...

Welcome back, Ted! It is great to see a new blog entry.

RF said...

Good to see you are back, Sporer! Same old thinking and attacks, though. Just like congressional R's pushing for tax cuts as the only way for quick job creation. WTF?? Speaking of which, I have a bit of pain in my heel. I'm sure a tax cut would cure that. - Your party really is in great need of new ideas. And Twitter ain't gonna do it.

I will be in touch in the near future about the issue we discussed previously. Things have gotten very busy as of late.

The Real Sporer said...

rf, email me your office number again. lost it and don't want to call your cell (that costs money). tfsporer71559@yahoo.oom

anon-did you read my post? Where did I say Nancy Pelosi is dumb as soap? Aren't you just blathering some Democrat generic talking point? I suppose you could be a product of public education and perhaps don't understand the language I used or maybe don't know that there aren't 500 million Americans and even fewer are in the labor force.

New ideas? Try these:

Six month holiday on FICA-that immediately puts 15.3% of all payroll wages back into the economy immediately-which would be the largest direct stimulus in world history. Cost is about half the socialist bill.

Six month tax holiday on federal gas tax with a permanent roll back by 20%.

Those are the two most regressive federal taxes, help everyone in the country and would create a boom.

Five year moratorium on federal cap gains taxes.

Five year depreciation for new home purchase-1 per couple or unmarried person every five years.

There's some ideas that would produce massive stimulus.

The only old ideas are the socialist dependency and welfare state mentality embodied in the socialist bill the Dems are about to cram down our throats.

Then, we can take up some of the spending ideas next year when the economy is doing better. If you can, indeed, read, you might want to check earlier posts or talk to people that have heard some of my speeches. I have been pushing infrastructure reconstruction for 9years, going way back into the Clinton years.

Finally, Anon, you display a certain historical illiteracy. Chairman Mao is a communist and my free market solutions are the antithesis of Chairman Mao.

Anonymous said...

Much better, Theo, much better. And, I like those ideas. As for "dumb as soap", look at the top of the clip for Christ sake.

Anonymous said...

Those weren't Sporer's words asshole.

We heard about Dan Quayle misspelling potato for ten years. Funny how you folks overlook things like Barrack visiting 59 states.

So, do you admit Pelosi lied about the 500 million jobs, which she repeated after being corrected, or do you think she doesn't know the rough population of the United States or how many people here work?

So, like Sporer asked, is she just stupid or did she knowingly lie to sound scary. I'd say probably the later of the two wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

I agree any mis-statement, or slip of the tongue must be pounced on and aired repeatedly. Crush anyone who slips up like that. Accordingly Justice Roberts must be impeached. Sweet Mother you fuckers are seriously deranged. No wonder the moderates abandoned you idiots in droves.

Art A Layman said...


Welcome back! I think.

It is apparent that your intellectual capacities haven't improved though.

If you listen closely and often to the flurry of politicians, of all stripes, who seek their 15 minutes of fame (air time), you will hear many of them get tongue tied when talking thousands versus millions or billions. It is quite common and kinda silly for you to make a rant over. But then, that's sporie, never a horse of a different color.

Boy, some of your stimulus proposals give new meaning to fatuousness. Given your thought processes and rationales I don't understand why you aren't in Washington. Clearly you fit right in there with the idiocy of your brethren.

BTW, the only redeeming value of your original picture was your charming and lovely wife. This current pic looks more like a bad mug shot.

Nice to see you back but I'm going to have to start taking my blood pressure medicine again.

Anonymous said...

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