Thursday, February 05, 2009

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vs. Steve King: Another liberal apocalyptic lie collides with factual reality.

As we all know, the regressive socialists of the American left have few rhetorical tricks and they practice them daily. The most prominent and prolific such trick is the use of crazy apocalyptic claims to cow a terrified public into grasping at the straw of radical social, political and economic regressive socialism as the only alternative to global or, at least, national catastrophe. Another day another finds another prominent Democrat caught in another outright lie.

But, before we delve deeper into the family Suidae, we’d like to extend major thanks to the folks over at
Constitution Daily for republishing Congressman Steve King’s interesting dialogue with the radical environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr. If you have not yet seen the video exchange between Congressmen King and lunatic namesake of the most vicious, partisan and criminal Attorney General to ever hold the public trust, please take a couple of minutes and enjoy the exchange.

Now Congressman King’s slap down is fun, but everyone already knows we cheer lead every time Congressman King tackles a regressive socialist shibboleth. Since Constitution Daily has already earned the spirit stick on this one we thought we’d fact check Kennedy’s objectively disprovable statements.

We know the reader thinks that we are going to challenge the rather interesting argument that hog farmers are a greater risk to the United States than is Al Qaeda, but that assumption is wrong. However insane one may believe Kennedy’s national security argument to be, it is, after all, an expression of opinion. Nope, we are focusing on Kennedy’s assertions that North Carolina and Maryland have laws that both prevent criticizing factory hog farms and from even discovering the existence of factory farms.

RFKJ apparently has inherited his familial misunderstanding of the more objective aspects of jurisprudential reality. RFKJ has, however, put a new twist on an old Kennedy story. In the past, notwithstanding Ivy League educations, Kennedy criminals didn’t think certain laws existed. For example, Uncle Teddy’s didn’t realize the unlawful nature of vehicular homicide and lying to the police; or, brother Mike didn’t know that statutory rape was illegal in pretty much every state; or cousin Willy didn’t know you couldn’t just rape ‘em when women exercised the right to choose to keep the panties on when a Kennedy says stand and deliver, or cousin Mike Skakal did not quite realize that even Kennedys cannot actually kill women, or actually 15 year old girls who refuse a Kennedy sexual advance.

No, RFKJ is actually fabricating the existence of state laws that do not exist. We took a good hard Westlaw look at North Carolina and Maryland tonight. We couldn’t find anything in the statutes or regulations of either state that either prohibits criticism of factory farms-probably because such law is facially and conceptually violative of First Amendment prohibitions on speech restraint-or would prohibit discovering the existence of factory farms-probably because factory hog farms are rather obvious to anyone in a county in which such a farm is located. By raving such a preposterous lie into the public discourse Kennedy certainly earns the title “Big Boar of Balderdash”.

Democrat hysteria is no longer limited to the outrageous distortion of the climate debate but now permeates every aspect of their “change” agenda. So, another day, another Democrat big lie.



RF said...

You are waaay too close to the W era for any R to have any credibility in ridiculing anyone else about potential lies or misrepresentations, ignoring facts, science, etc.

Wood said...

Would you believe a temprature swing of one state was 181 degrees in same year? Yes it happened and it wasnt in our global warming times as they claim we are now in South Dakota in Feb 1936 yes 1936 record low was set of -61 below 0F and in July 1936 it got to 120 degrees and thats not even biggest swing in temps that belongs to Montana at 187 their record low is -70 below 0 set in 1954 and record high 117 in 1937 Colorado's state record high was set long before cars in 1888 118 degrees and Oregon also set a record low in 1800s.Only 1 state out of 50 has set a state record high temp since 2000 that being North Dakota 24 states still have state record high temps from 1930s meanwhile we tied our Iowa record low of -47 below in 1996 and they was harping global warming crap then. Our hottest month of July in Iowa we havent set a record high temp since 1955 yes 54 years ago 17 days out of the 31 in July is record highs from 1934 or 1936 If theres global warming its not happening in the USA i see more record lows happening than highs.

Anonymous said...

RFK as "the most vicious, partisan and criminal Attorney General to ever hold the public trust"?

God Damn, Sporer, you really are first in line for the cup of Kool Aid aren't you?

Does the name John Mitchell ring a bell with you?

I will give you this however, if anybody is qualified to post about hog shit, it certainly is you.


Anonymous said...

Anon-assholes are up early today.

I'll bet Sporer has heard of John Mitchell. Can you come up with every illegal act that John Mitchell did?

How about the thousands of illegal wiretaps RFK ordered on civil rights leaders-almost a thousand on MLKJ alone. How about stopping all those federal investigations into the Klan and other segregationist crimes that civil rights hero RFK did? What about the plans to assasinate foreign leaders, like, for example, the President of Vietnam-right out of the AGs office so as to by pass DoD and DCI. Or bullshit prosecutions like Roy Cohn (you might not like Cohn but he had a right not to be persecuted by the government 'cause he was the Kennedy's personal enemy).

Sporer why do you let these ignorant illiterate mother fuckers post on here?

Anonymous said...

Profanity is the crutch of an inarticulate Mother Fucker.

Anonymous said...

I'd put Ashcroft and that lousy lying spic Alberto Gonzales before RFK in the race for worst ever.

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder? Oh yea. Scummiest guy yet.