Sunday, February 08, 2009

Specter, Collins and Snowe: RINOs with a message for Iowa

Now, at long last we are employing a political pejorative here on the pages of TRS. This week Republican Senators Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania) and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins (Maine) abandoned even the pretext of supporting any Republican principles by crossing the aisle and voting for the regressive socialist spending bill the Democrats have euphemistically described as “stimulus”.

Specter, Collins and Snowe long since abandoned support for Republican social principles; all three routinely vote Democrat on major foreign policy issues and now all three have abandoned the bedrock Republican principles of government restraint and individual empowerment as the engines of economic prosperity. If one doesn’t support any of the principles of our party then isn’t one truly a RINO? If a Republican, in the minority, cannot oppose the economically counterproductive and ideologically collectivist Obama/Pelosi/Reid partisan spending orgy then what part of the Democrat agenda isn’t appetizing?

We here in Iowa cannot do anything about Senators Specter, Collins and Snowe. Hopefully all three will experience an upsurge of confidence in principle and courage of conviction and vote against the OPR spending bill. If not, perhaps it is time we nationally join a campaign to replace them with real Republicans. But that is a fight for another day and place.

What we can, however, do return to basics and hold the line here in Iowa. The Democrats who are presently bankrupting Iowa have so enriched their loyal constituencies in AFSCME, ISEA and the bureaucracies that support such fiscal succubus that state government can no longer meet its core function of paving and maintaining Iowa’s bridges and roads. The only solution that Democrats propose to their complete failure of leadership is more of the same-raise the state gas tax.

Everyone reading these words would be punished by the regressive and confiscatory fuel taxes. The less money you make, the more you suffer-hence the regressive nature of fuel taxes. Iowans cannot avoid driving to work and school and hence have no option but to pay the tax-hence the confiscatory nature of fuel taxes. Iowa lacks a mass transit system and, outside of the Des Moines SMA and the Quad Cities our demographic geography is ill suited for mass transit. Iowa has a small and aging population so development of mass transit in even Iowa’s two relatively compact metropolitan areas. In short, if you are an Iowan over 16 you pay more taxes if the Democrats succeed in raising fuel taxes.

We, as Republicans, surely can do better. Let the Democrats be the party of old European style socialism, taxing, spending and collectivizing their way to the egalitarianism of poverty; we should be the party of new thinking. Is it not time Republican asked the voters this simple, if verbose, question: why can’t we take existing money from a state spending program that has failed to solve whatever problem it was designed to solve or, at best, benefits the few and instead spend the same money on something that benefits everyone-safe, modern and well maintained bridges and roads?

So here’s a challenge for our Republican legislators. Rather than vote for a gas tax increase when the gas tax vote hits the floor of either house, every Republican legislator should sponsor a budget cut that, when taken together, provide sufficient savings to fund a 21st Century infrastructure network. Give the voters a choice and make the Republican option open and notorious. And then, in 2010, we ask the voters if they prefer regressive tax increases and irrational across the board budget cuts or the application of real leadership that really solves problems.


Anonymous said...

i find myself so very angry at all of our elected officials. r and d alike.

people are getting laid off, getting no raises, no bonuses, and job uncertainty.

Yet, our iowa legislators want to increase our cost of living by taxing things we have no control over spending on.

I still have to drive the same number of miles to work. I work near my home. I already traded in my gas hog for the smaller vehicle. I recently inflated my tires. I can't do any more but spend less in the economy to pay for gas taxes.

My company provided health insurance premiums went up and is taking more out of my paycheck. I can only spend less in the economy to pay for this. I have no other choice.

The SILO tax increase increases the cost of food, clothing, gas, toilet paper, dish soap, detergent, etc which I continue to have to buy. I have no choice but to spend less in the economy to pay for essentials.

The Iowa legislature reduces funding of schools, so that the school boards can make it up on my property taxes. I already live in the lowest property tax place I can live in. I have no other choice but to spend less in the economy to pay for this slight of hand tax transfer.

Now, comes along another tax grab. In addition to this gas tax increase, the Iowa legislature wants to increase my sales tax yet again...for outdoor recreation.

STOP STOP STOP! You want to bond us to $700 million cuz you have no money. Yet, you want to increase our taxes even more!

I can't afford to drive to the outdoor recreation places anymore, so don't tax me so I can go outdoors.

It's the last place that shouldn't cost anything.

Just say NO NO NO

Prioritize government spending. Reproritize government spending.

If roads are important, take it out of the current budget. Stop spending on CIETC like stuff.

Where is my pitchfork?

Anonymous said...

The D's want to keep increasing the sales tax - which hurts poor people the most. Yet, they purport to represent the guy lowest on the totem pole.

If they get their way, people who work for hourly wages at the local plant will have their pay confiscated without their permission just to keep their job. They can't afford to quit, they are stuck. They become poorer.

Yet, Unions say they represent the little guy. I just see Unions making people poorer.

I don't see the D's ever representing the poor. Their policies hurt the poor.

Why can't our r's make that point to the public? Why don't we point this out?

We are the party of life, liberty adn the pursuit of happiness. they present a picture of povety, dependence and, well they are the party of pro-kill too.

Why would anyone want to be a democrat? they reduce the quality of my life, restrict my liberty, which affects my ability to pursue let alone achieve, happiness.

Anonymous said...

the same r's that are for the gas tax increase would be no different that the axis of economic evil you pointed out in your cover commentary.

If you aren't with us on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (social conservatism) AND low government, less taxation (fiscal conservatism)

..then what the heck are you?

Anonymous said...

The city councils increase my taxes and throw me further into poverty by increasing "fees" otherwise known as a tax on my utilities. I can't reduce my thermostat further and I refuse to read by candlelight. My only choice is to spend less in the economy to pay for my utilities.

The folks in Cedar Rapids ought to be taking their well practiced pitchforks to their elected representatives over flood relief.

If you government can't help you during the worst devastation everm than what good is having any government at all?

After all, isn't that what government if for? to do the really big things?

The citizens have pre paid for their flood relief. They cannot afford more in taxes. Don't increase the cost of bleach, lumber, paint, and nails.

Reproritize spending to the immediate needs of the people. Stop spending on something else.

Democrats hurt poor people by taking more money out of their pockets, making them poorer.

Anonymous said...

"Obama/Pelosi/Reid partisan spending orgy"

heh heh heh

if you add in AFSCME Hostages you have the OPRAH party.

Anonymous said...

Sporer, get on the phone will you and ask Mark Klein (M. fucking D.) to come back and join the discussion.

Anonymous said...

Ted I think your next blog needs to address Michael Steele and the RINO Liberals that elected this idiot Negro to the top spot.

Anonymous said...

We most certainly CAN do something. Send NO MONEY to the RNC unless they cut off funds to these three traitors.

Snarlin' Arlen wouldn't even be there in the first place, had it not been for Shrub's interference.

RF said...

Where was the outrage when the previous R administration and its loyal minions in Congress spent recklessly during relatively good times?

Anonymous said...

Sporer how many votes did you get in the race for RPI Chair?

A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

rf - they got voted out. we are pissed at all this spending. aren't you?

where are you going to get the extra money to pay for this?

How are the poor going to pay for all this?

The "stimulus" to government is enough to pay for every american's home mortage.

Mr. Hope is really Mr. Doom.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened when I visited Ace of Spades to discover it was, in fact, not Obama's personal blog

The Chad said...

RINO or not, I'll take any Republican senator I can get these days.

Big Al from Algona said...

5:52 AM-the ass holes are really up early this morning.

Are you a has been or a never was? Its funny that the stupid fuckers in the Party spend all their time fighting against Party reform while allowing Iowa to become a Democrat stronghold.

Sporer dropped out of the race before Thanksgiving and no one heard from him for three months. You are really out of the loop dumb ass.

You'd better peddle your shit on Krusty or Battleground where you can remain part of the prbblem and avoid the solution.

Anonymous said...

Damn Al that's one serious rant there. And why don't you cleqn up your language you cocksucker - don't you know that profanity is the crutch of an inarticulate Mother Fucker?

Oh and another thing, talk about being out of the loop, Sporer dropped out to avoid the embarASSment of not polling a single vote. His frothing fanatical right wing bullshit doesn't play any better state wide than it does around here.

Anonymous said...

for those of us that know the true story, the snotty boy above, clearly a member of the snotty campaign strategy team that meets regularly on Krusty, is out of the loop and needs to get his unused head out of his full of shit ass.

Anonymous said...

comeon, snotty little, emphasis on little, boy.

let's move on. the junior high slam book is over at krusty. issues go on at Sporer.

the war is between those that believe that leadership is running on issues and those that think leadership is having no issues.

When you have no issues, you end up being a snotty little asshole who's best contribution is notably demonstrated by 1:44.

These guys actually run campaigns folks. See why we lose? Snots are in charge.

He doesn't even know that Ted isn't a right winger. Hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

I forgot, any one would be right wing compared to someone who has not a single opinion on an issue. Those in the center ride the fence and don't know how they feel or why they feel that way.

They just turn into snotty little name calling masturbating boys who all work for others.

Iowa Is Calling Harry Truman/ Teddy Sporer said...

Welcome back sport.

Are you planning on addressing the other places that Iowa Republicans need guidance?

Do Republicans have an answer on education-don't know.

Do Republicans have an answer on disaster relief-don't know.

How about business climate, health care, budget crises, don't know them either.

You seem to be the only guy in Iowa with ideas so why don't you post more often, stay active in Republican politics and make your voice heard again.

What do you say Sporer-"leadership fills a vacuum". So why have you been gone for so long?

Anonymous said...

Looks like our "republicans" are selling us out on the gas tax. Fix the roads with the money you already get. This is just a trick to bring in more for the general fund - they'll spend it however they feel like SILO didn't really go to schools.

If we can't even count on you for fiscal conservatism, why should we support you at all?

I feel disenfranchised by my own party. Time to turn independent.

But the Democrats aren’t alone.

Conservative groups like the Iowa Farm Bureau and state chambers of commerce have also supported the idea, and several prominent Republicans, including Rep. Dave Tjepkes, the ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee, and potential gubernatorial candidate and state Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, have said they think the idea has merit.

Even the group Iowans for Tax Relief, a highly influential organization within the Republican Party of Iowa, has not come out against the tax increase. It has announced it will remain neutral on the plan.

Anonymous said...

it's still a goddamm tax increase!

In lieu of a gas tax increase, lawmakers last year approved increases in vehicle registration fees expected to gradually generate $165 million annually for road projects.

Anonymous said...

so much for iowans for tax relief.

Anonymous said...

Once again, republicans roll over in the false belief that "working" with democrats ever works out well for a simple voting person who wishes to have some tax relief.

It's almost like these yokels haven't heard about the economy.

Ron Paul is sounding less and less crazy as events unfurl.

But the House Transportation Committee’s Tjepkes, a Republican from Gowrie, said on Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press” that he believes Republicans will be willing to work with Democrats on the gas tax.

“I would tend to support a gas tax increase under certain circumstances,” he said.

Anonymous said...

If our illustrious, McCainiac party chairman would announce that any republican who supports the gas tax increase would not receive ANY Party funds for their elections, it would stop this bullshit dead.

Anonymous said...

Brett Favre?

He shit in my house!

Anonymous said...
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The Real Sporer said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's really gutless of you, Ted, to remove the truth like that.

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