Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Murphy and McCarthy illegally shut down House voting machine.

This morning saw an unusually arrogant display of the Liberal/Socialist/Democrat House leadership’s disregard for even the basic premises of the rule of law.

As we all know, Speaker Murphy suspended vote on the labor payoff prevailing wage bill. Speaker Murphy refused to close the voting machine. Murphy kept the voting machine open through a legal, albeit shysty, application of House Rule 75. Rule 75 requires the speaker to close the voting machine unless the speaker remains in the House chamber.

Of course we all know the machine was kept open to allow the union bosses to do what union bosses do: intimidate anyone who dares oppose the proletariat. So Speaker Murphy’s motives were impure and his method unfairly devious, at least his means were lawful.

This morning around 11 the House voting machine suddenly stopped working. It appears that the local “LSDs” have taken a page from the national Democrats, who used a similar mysterious malfunction to carry a vote by one in Congress that was inconsistent with the recorded paper vote last year.

If you believe the malfunction was inadvertent then call us, we’ve got some beautiful lake front property available for you in Arizona.


IowaSF said...

This has happened twice now. Is this why Murphy is still there? He can't actually believe he's getting the 51st vote.

Anonymous said...



They truly are a bad trip.