Sunday, February 22, 2009

Garbage in/garbage out: the liberals argue the case for the Labor Socialist Democrat agenda.

The past week saw the first manifestations of the public hangover from the false promise of “hope” and “change” that lead the Democrats to their wide margin victory last November. One of the first signs that reality is crashing down on the United States is the quality of the arguments the Democrats advance for their Labor/Socialist/Democrat agenda.

We thought we’d take a minute and review a few gems from the Democrat arsenal.

Starting close to home, Democrats are trying to impose a union price fixing agenda on Iowa. The LSD leadership under the Golden Dome has pushed the prevailing wage legislation and the public won’t be moved. The costly and anticompetitive nature of the price fixing scheme is so bad that the individual same Democrats have spent the week arguing both that the prevailing wage is necessary because union shop contractors were unable to outbid the open shop contractors (e.g. least costly bid wins) and that prevailing wage would not increase the cost of public works. Just enough of the 93% of Iowa’s open shop employees, and six heroic Democrats, saw through the nonsense and it looks like one of the crown jewels of the LSD collectivist tiara is about to die an ugly death-for now at least.

Nationally, it is more of the same. After the markets and consumer confidence have greeted the socialist agenda with terror, reaching a depth upon announcement of the Obama socialized housing proposal. The economic reaction to the socialized housing proposal was so bad that, for the first time, the Democrats could not rely on the now well known lecture “elections have consequences and we won”. Over the last two days every LSD have tried to justify socialized housing by scaring the roughly 97% of current mortgagors who timely pay their monthly house payment with the specter of mass housing devaluation because “ a vacant house next door effects my house”. The LSD is asking the body politic if the average mortgagor is so afraid of a short term devaluation of their own houses that they will not only timely pay their own mortgage but their neighbors as well, and agree to do so for the next generation to come.

Then, on the bringing people together front, Attorney General Eric Holder took the opportunity to lecture America as a nation of cowards on race issues. We will concede that Holder is well familiar with the absence of moral courage. After all, it was Holder who orchestrated the Marc Rich bribe in the closing days of the Clinton Administration; Holder who subverted the criminal investigation into the Clinton Gore criminal fundraising schemes; and Holder who used his position as Deputy Attorney General to actually litigate against the United States of America to conceal the Treasury Department’s certain knowledge of President Clinton’s perjury and obstruction of justice. Apparently the former Clinton Administration bag man lacks irony as well as honesty. Does Holder not recognize that he serves a President that attended a black separatist and supremacist church; where 9.11 was greeted with relish as the day “America’s chickens [came] home to roost”, for almost the President’s entire adult life? Brother Holder, have you heard the one about your eye and my eye and their respective obstructions?

The wheels are coming off this LSD nonsense faster than Jimmy Carter lost control in 78 and 79. This provides us with an opportunity……………………


Spotlight said...

Speaking of wages, yesterday's WSJ calls Iowa a low wage state in a news story on page three.

We should do something about that, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

i think the real sporer is the most educated brillant thing out there. way to go sporer!

The Real Sporer said...

Why yes I do Spotlight old boy.

However, the creation of an artificial wage rate that is unrelated to the value of the labor doesn't really help anyone in the long run and only the special interest who obtains it in the short run.

A better solution would be doing something about the 49th worst business climate so that we can attact indigenously created high value jobs that pay high wages for high value jobs. Hence my advocacy of tax incentives for things like converting a high percentage of our gas pumps to CNG, or creation of a midwest high speed rail net, or the elimination of the fuel tax on all biodiesel for ethanol refinded in Iowa biodiesel zones (all located in the central part of iowa of course to avoid poachers from surrounding states).

Remember economic value of employment isn't what the employee wants or needs but the value to his employer of what he delivers.

Spotlight said...

This is bunk. Why are union wages "unrelated to the value of the labor"?

Wages can be too high or too low. If we hire poor workers cheaply and get the lowest bid, how have we saved money for the public on that new bridge/school/water tower? If it has to be redone due to poor workmanship, it won't look so cheap.

Let contractor's compete on the basis of management talent and proximity to the jobsite, not on the basis of who pays their carpenters the least.

BTW always view those business surveys with a skeptical eye. They all have different criteria and are run by *ga$p* special interest groups.

Anonymous said...

sporer, how about a recap of your swan song and end of the sporer era last night?

Anonymous said...

Deace is doing a good job of airing the dirty laundry again.

Anonymous said...


Why doesn't RPI come out with ideas like this bumper sticker:


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