Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is this the Iowa House or the set of Gangs of New York?

I was there, it was cool.

When provoked by public opposition to the Labor/Socialist/Democrat confiscatory plan to repeal federal deductibility at tonight’s public hearing, Democrat Speaker Pat Murphy gave a vivid exposition of Cromwellian politics at their worst.

Rumors of the jack booted tactics that Murphy and Majority Leader Kevin “Bully” McCarthy employ behind closed doors in running the House have been rampant, but tonight the world was treated to a public explosion by Murphy. Yes, as you’ve heard, Murphy cleared the public from the people’s house because the 600 or so people who showed up to oppose the Labor/Socialist/Democrat confiscation scheme politely clapped for opposition speakers (who outnumbered the L/S/D confiscation proponents 8-1 or so) and less politely but quite discreetly and softly booed proponents of the plan.

The biggest news isn’t that Murphy exposed himself as a tyrant and a bully who seeks only to silence opposition, but the Republican response to it.

Our readers know that we have been calling for Republicans to get into the Charles Atlas program and stop allowing the Democrats and their media allies to push us around. Tonight, we might have seen the first fruits of our recent workout.
We were lead by Ed Failor, Jr. who refused to be intimidated by Murphy’s Bill Cutting threats. Ed did something rarely seen in Republican circles, when the Democrats barked he barked back. No apologies for having the poor manners to call out a Democrat lie; no skirting of public conflict because it might make people think that Republicans are “mean”; and no running for cover when the bullets flew.

Ed wasn’t even in the chamber when the expulsion order came but he promptly returned in true Rough Rider form and charged over to media row to make our case. Murphy, who was already red-faced with rage at Sen. McKinley’s presence in the House talking to reporters (which chat Pat “The Butcher” Murphy tried to interrupt or distract with shouting and finger pointing) went over the top when Ed arrived.

Well, EFJ you were absolutely right, Murphy’s tactics were the political equivalent of jack boots, or, more recently Saddam's goons clearing the Iraqi Parliament. The Labor/Socialist/Democrats have almost bankrupted Iowa with the infinite spending that their Marxist paternalism requires and their bosses in organized labor demand. Now they need even more money that King John stole from Maid Marion to prevent actual insolvency. Murphy and McCarthy can’t allow any delay because public outrage will just grow and not every Democrat is from a safe district.

So, the L/S/Ds did what L/S/Ds do; they tried to simply bully the lunacy into law before too many people noticed. Tonight’s large public turnout, and the emotional frame of that turnout’s collective mind, surely impressed those Democrats not from safe districts and "Bill the Butcher" Murphy couldn’t let that impression continue-so when bullying failed he turned to actual force.

Never have Iowa Republicans made us so proud to be in their company. Maybe, just maybe that little voice that says we’re mad as hell has reached the point where we really are not going to take it anymore.


Anonymous said...

Cromwellian-good one.

Anonymous said...

Did you invoke Cromwell just to piss off the Irish Murphy and McCarthy?

Anonymous said...

Dam, I missed all of it, because I'm a stay-at-home mom raising four patriotic leaders of tomorrow, and had a far greater duty to be here than there. However, I have contacted my representatives repeatedly on this issue and others, to no avail. Will they ever listen? Maybe tonight's demonstration will give some of them pause.

Wood said...

I was there with my friend from the Iowa Defense Alliance and was a proud Iowan to be thrown out as well ! We did not get rude and interrupt anyones speech.How can these clowns sit back and tell us a 600 million dollars to come from this isnt a tax increase ? and were gonna benifit from it ? I hope this is the spark we need !!! I feel charged up and ready to go.

Andy Cable said...

Well put Ted - hopefully this is proof to the L/S/Ds, the press and most importantly - Iowa Grassroots Conservatives that we can unite behind common causes and speak with one voice on critical issues

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ted for texting and twittering so many people in the crowd to encourage them to clap for our speakers despite the Democrats threats to shut the people's house to the people.

Thank you Ed for using your big stick to pound Murphy last night.

I was there and it was great to see the Democrats bullying backfire so badly in their faces.

Anonymous said...

Very colorful and amusing write up. I listened to the live feed. Ed Failor was fabulous!! There were 600 heros and freedom defenders.

Love the LSD's label. Funny. Their agenda is truly a bad trip.

Anonymous said...

How many tweets did Sporer send?