Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Talk about misleading headlines………..

……’s DM Register coverage of last nights atrocious bullying by the Murphy/McCarthy gang takes a blue ribbon.

The Registers headlines screams, “
Unruly crowd evicted from tax plan hearing”. However, the crowd was anything but unruly.

No speakers were interrupted and no one in the audience, including and especially the legislators on the floor were prevented from hearing the uninterrupted speakers.

Maybe gross and partisan distortions like the foregoing headline in the hottest political story in years might explain the Register’s current lack of circulation and current financial condition.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gee, the picture in the paper had all those menacing looking old people. Those grandmas and grandpas sure looked dangerous. I can see why Murph the surf was frightened by them. I didn't see any weapons though, not even canes. Just WHAT was Murphy afraid of?

Ed Failor for Gov!!! I definately plan to be at the tea parties. I'm angry and I ain't takin it anymore!


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