Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Scared of the Republican grannys-the Democrats respond

And now, the big lies begin.

Undoubtedly embarrassed by the Murphy/McCarthy gang’s repugnant jack booting of the public from the public hearing on the Labor/Socialist/Democrat federal deductibility double taxation scheme, Democrat leaders are grasping at straws to validate it.

Governor Culver sought to justify the public expulsion by claiming that “[t]here were
public safety concerns” behind “Butcher” Murphy’s outrageous actions. No Democrat has been able to cite any factual occurrence that constituted a threat to the safety of any real human being not afflicted with panophobia, so the Governor’s statements seem a little unmanly for a former Virginia Tech football player. We wonder if the Big Lug coached his wrestlers to fear the mythical and deadly airborne missle threat of chewed gum.

Democrat State Chairman Mr. Erin Kiernan dipped even deeper in the shop worn bag of Democrat verbal intimidation with this self righteous epistle on courage and courtesy. “Iowans need their legislators to come together in civil debate,” Kiernan said. “Instead, Republicans offered only intimidation and hate; some even resorted to throwing objects at fellow citizens and even calling the Speaker of the House a Nazi. Their actions were disrespectful to the legislative process and the Iowans they claim to represent.” Judging from squeals of Kiernan’s hysterical response, hearing the vox populi’s expression of enthusiastic opposition to the L/S/D’s double taxation scheme must have been truly frightening to political leadership dedicated to the Castro/Chavez/Ortega model of “democracy”. Kiernan’s hypocrisy is also physically palpable given the slander, including the routine characterization as Nazis that liberals and L/S/D leadership employed for George W. Bush, George Bush, especially Ronald Reagan, and most other Republicans over the last thirty years.

Who felt intimidated? Why the handful of L/S/D’s who showed up to publicly support the unpopular double tax scheme, of course. Are they serious? “Intimidation” by less booing than produced by a controversial service call at Wimbledon isn’t exactly a sign of the courage of one’s convictions.

Unlike the typical Code Pink L/S/D gathering or the violent and destructive L/S/D protesters we witnessed last September at the RNC, last night saw no expression of personal hate, no threats of physical harm, no throwing of objects by anyone at anyone and nothing as raucous as a movie audience seeing Rocky for the first time.

Maybe now we know why L/S/D’s perceive bullying as such a major social issue.


Anonymous said...

Help! I can't read the whole blog because of the newsmax ad on the left side covering part of it up. How do I move it or x out of it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Erin Kiernan - good one.

Anonymous said...

gee whiz, do those sniveling little boys think we don't remember what they did to their own members during the prevailing wage debate, er I mean, shakedown? Was that civil?

What did Mr. Erin Keirnan think about the union thugs that threatened their own members? Was that civil? That little boy is certainly missing a pair.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Mr. Erin Keirnan feels about the civility of Jack Hatch calling himself and Ako - n's? Is that civil? Why won't the democrat party call for the resignation of Jack Hatch? They clearly must think it's not that big of a deal. It must have fallen under the civil headline.

Anonymous said...

so calling someone a nazi is worse than calling someone a "n". Is that the official democrat party stance on the subject?