Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Since we now know that the Iowa Democrats have genuine physical fear of flying gum perhaps we could further “intimidate” them on April 15 by dumping Dubble Bubble into the Des Moines River, in the very shadow of the Golden Dome.

Let’s face it, after Barackanomics has eaten the meat off our bones and the Culver/Gronstal/Murphy triumvirate has filled its necrophagic appetite with the carrion of our remaining income tossing tea is a pretty spendy proposition.

So, we can demonstrate our Republican commitment to fiscal discipline by using the more economical, and apparently more dreadful, instrument of protest provided by the weaponization of chicle and sugar.

Moreover, limousine legacy liberals like Governor Culver love tea, especially funky smelling foreign tea. While the waste of such a cosmopolitan beverage might enrage the Labor/Socialist/Democrat leadership as an environmental crime, it surely won’t dispirit or dragoon them. Maybe a huge dose of Dubble Bubble will provide an emotional bludgeon of sufficient force to overawe the L/S/D.


Anonymous said...

Sporer you just slay me.

Anonymous said...

necrophagic appetite? Hysterical. Weaponization of chicle and sugar! Ha ha ha...OMG that's good.

I am committed to trying to use that in a sentence today.