Friday, March 06, 2009

A Rare Moment of Cander




Anonymous said...

And never miss a chance to destroy the economy as an excuse to end capitalism...


Anonymous said...

And posted here for your enjoyment:

Buddy: It works the other way too. Fucking McCain and that cunt from the North Pole, oh yeah, baby, we sealed our fate on that shit. Joe the fucking plumber, what a joke. Absolutely pathetic. And your hero Sporer here drinks the kool-aide, and I quote, "Sarah Palin - Great Choice". Fucking idiots, the lot of you, never a thought for youselves, believe the party line, suck Fox News proverbial dick 24/7. eat the puss from Anne Coulter's cunt. No wonder we're doomed. You freaks are as bad as the liberals you despise. Follow the freaks to the promised land; Limbaugh, Gore, Coulter, Kennedy, Gingrich.......

Fuck all of you thoughtless dumbasses. And this asshole, know it all, pompous, bag of wind, shitheel Sporer is as bad as the rest......

Mitt 2012, now before it's too late!

Anonymous said...


I have nothing against Mitt so stop bashing me for being a Republican. Mitt should've ran a better campaign since he didn't win Iowa. As for McCain...he didn't even place here so where's your complaint with anyone else in the silly state, we did our part.

If you like Mitt, then how could you not like Palin? Most people who like Mitt tend to be semi-God focused (which is Good) so I am trying to reconcile your vulgarity but some things defy understanding I guess.

I suspect you are not really a Republican or, if you are, you have profound issues that are not likely to translate into true support for even Mitt come 2012.

Either way, I am proud of the Republican core response to the Obamanation and the way we coming together to deal with the threat of socialism that will destroy America if allowed to continue.

Mitt, Palin, Rush, TRS, heck...even Joe the Plumber are part of the solution and not the Problem.


Anonymous said...

Holy Mother of God! You can't possibly be serious with that rant. We're doomed alright.

Anonymous said...

What the heck do you stand for bubba?



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