Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mark Sanford for President?

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford rejected at least parts of the first Obamanomic “stimulus package” (an interesting sobriquet for legislative action that has little to do with economic stimulus and a lot to do with income redistribution, political payoff and long term governmental dependency).

While South Carolina will undoubtedly taking some of the money Governor Sanford’s action demonstrates that he has an important leg up in the 2012 Republican primary: he is listening to the increasingly angry Republican electorate. Sanford knows that no one is looking for perfection but Republicans are everywhere looking for a return to Republican principles of small government, smaller government and the smallest government minimally sufficient to provide a safe and organized society in the 21st Century.

Washington insider Charlie Black, a long time and very high level Republican uber consultant recently said of Sanford "[
h]e's very popular," …. "[h]is brand of conservatism emphasizing fiscal conservatism is very popular with our grassroots." That’s right Charlie; fiscal conservatism is very, very popular because fiscal conservatism is often purported to be the one principle upon which all Republicans agree when we are engaged in intra-party condemnation of social conservatives.

Sanford’s move signals an intention to abandon the folly of using government to promote and direct social and economic decisions into which we as Republicans had fallen. If sincere and consistent, Governor Sanford’s policies of solving problems by reducing government will propel him to the forefront of the race for 2012 should he chose to run.

More importantly, if Governor Sanford’s willingness to promote a Republican agenda of less government is sincere and consistent, it also will produce into an even more impressive political bounty in the race for 2012. Governor Sanford will be credibly address the Republican primary electorate’s demand for a small government that efficiently and competently performs and completes the functions that only government can fulfill before tackling anything else.

So maybe Republicans will nominate Mark Sanford for President in 2012.


Anonymous said...

For God's sake Sporer, the guy's a nut.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Look at that picture. He's holding something pink in the shape of a "V". That means he's a closeted liberal fag.

Loren said...

The man is a visionary. Like me, he sees through the smoke.


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