Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Senator Steve Kettering and the consequences of a decade of Democrats.

The consequences of Democrat irresponsibility, ambition and cronyism are now being made glaringly obvious to Iowans in need of flood relief, food inspection, education, roads and courts-Democrat governance cannot fulfill the basic functions of government without an infinite regression of taxing, borrowing and spending.

The legislative Labor/Socialist/Democrats just added another $175 million to the State’s already crushing fiscal obligations. Republican Senate Whipp Steve Kettering drew the connection between Democrat policy and that infinite regression of Democrat spending, taxing and borrowing.

Senate Democrats irresponsibly put another $175 million on the state’s credit card to pay for general maintenance after driving up hundreds of millions in deficits during the last two years after Iowa’s budget grew by nearly a billion dollars, clearly an unsustainable rate.”

“Had Governor Culver and legislative Democrats budgeted with responsibility and followed the lead of Iowa families and employers, our state would have the available funding to pay for general maintenance without saddling our children and grandchildren with hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. Iowans are tired of government not living within its means and they are tired of having their tax dollars being used for unfettered spending sprees.”

The situation is even worse than Senator Kettering’s evaluation. Governor Culver and the Labor/Socialist/Democrat legislative leadership blew up those deficits and spending restraints at a time that the State received record tax revenues. So ask yourself, since Iowa is the 45th performing economy in the country how again has all of this spending improved the lives of the vast majority of Iowans not employed by government or working in organized labor or helped keep our children in Iowa when they are no longer children? If your answer is "it hasn't" then ask yourself how any thinking person not employed by government or working in organized labor support the L/S/D?

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Anonymous said...

i wish republicans would point out that the democrats and the teachers union have had iron fist control over education for the past 40 years. Whom should be blamed for the disaster that public education has become?

How about those democrats who have been in charge of it.

Failure - F