Monday, June 29, 2009

Castro + Ortega + Chavez + Zelaya = Obama (via HJRes 5)

After initially giving tacit endorsement of the Iranian Islamofacist crackdown that crushed the hopes for democracy in Iran the Obama Administration quickly offered an even more insightful and illuminative display of Labor/Socialist/Democrats' embrace of dictatorships everywhere.

While music fans and child molesters the world over were mourning the death of Micheal Jackson, an ally of Hugo Chavez, Honduran President Mel Zelaya produced a hemispheric thriller of his own. Zelaya was looking to follow in the Chavez footsteps as “President for Life” in Honduras. Zelaya had planned a rigged referendum (we’re sure Jimmy Carter was invited as the perpetual useful idiot that dictators employ to validate their gaffed electoral facades-see Venezuela and Iran) by which to set aside the inconvenient constitutions that term limited their respective unpopular regimes.

Unlike the politicized Venezualan military, the Honduran military demonstrated it's committment to protect their nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic, grabbed Zelaya and promptly exiled him to Costa Rica.

Just like Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Zelaya planned to end Honduran democracy with a whimper. After Zelaya called a referendum that would have amended the Honduran Constitution to allow him to serve unlimited terms, the Honduran Supreme Court held such a referendum cannot be called by the President, only the National Assembly and only after a two thirds vote (oddly, exactly what the Honduran Constitution says). Zelaya simply ignored both the Court and the Constitution and obtained ballots from…… guessed it, Hugo Chavez. The Honduran Attorney General then said that he would prosecute anyone participating in holding the plainly unlawful election.

The commanding general of the Honduran Army told Zelaya that El Presidente would have to comply with the Supreme Court's order. Zelaya then fired the general. While the Supreme Court was reinstalling the commanding general thugs working for Zelaya apparently stormed the warehouse in which the ballots were stored and began distributing them. The Honduran Army then acted to enforce the orders of the Honduran Supreme Court and the Honduran Attorney General and removed Zelaya from power.

Where President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the whole cadre of Democrat leftists could find only moral equivalency between the Iranian mullahs and the hundreds of thousands of freedom seeking protestors it had no such handicap in supporting a local thug like Zelaya.

Obama quickly declared the coup illegal (although the Honduran army was acting to enforce orders of its Supreme Court and AG to prevent Zelaya from conducting an election to make himself President for life) and is even now aggressively promoting Zelaya’s cause to the United Nations. A mere casual or narrow observation of the Obama Administration's outrage over Honduras could create a humanitarian basis for all the hubbub about Zelaya. After all, the L/S/Ds have exiled global terror threats to tropical resorts like the Bahamas or Palua and the Hondurans sent Zelaya to Costa Rica. But a more careful examination reveals something much more sinister and dangerous is afoot.

Americans need to take a good hard look at the nations Obama perceives as allies and enemies of the United States. President Obama has been unable to find word one to criticize the demon regimes in North Korea and Iran, other than the academic discussions that such regimes’ conduct may be destabilizing. However, from the day on which President Obama took office he has repeatedly insulted the British, the Canadians and the Israelis while supporting Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, China, Russia, and now Honduras.

While the Obama foreign policy objectives seem oddly inconsistent with the last thirty years of American policy (don’t forget it was President Clinton who made regime change in Iraq official American policy) the pattern is even more frightening.

Even as these words are written, the Obama Administration allies have introduced Joint House Resolution No. 5 before Congress. HJ Res. 5 will repeal the 22nd Amendment to our own Constitution-term limits for the President. Apparently, President Obama now views himself as an acolyte of dictators Chavez, Ortega and Zelaya and not merely domestic racists, radicals and terrorists like Jeremiah Wright and William Ayres.


Anonymous said...

Upon reaching Costa Rica, Zelana was heard to say "I'm a celebrity. Get me out of here."

Anonymous said...

A shout out to Iowa Newz Liter (which I got to from your Blog Leaders newsfeed section) He took the same take as you on Obama and his dictator friends - but with his usual funny political cartoon humor.

I haven't heard much from our dearly electeds in Washington though. Wish we could get more leadership on this. Maybe we'd start to see a candidate emerge if any of them would actually take a stand on something.

Our republican commentary on Iran was really really weak - I think I only heard Lindsey Graham and McCain on this. They ain't running for Prez, right?

Anonymous said...

Obama used as his primary excuse to say nothing about Iran killing hundreds and likely thousands of their own citizens - thus approving of Iran's methods - by claiming it was none of his or America's business.

He frequently says we can't police the world. He even more frequently says we should not be telling other countries what to do.

Yet, he tells Isreal what to do all the time - orders them. Now this.

He involves himself in the Honduras situation and tells them what to do, even though the President was acting illegally to overthrow the constitution and the military was acting on legal authority from the Supreme Court and the freely elected Congress.

Why was he supporting illegality and against freedom?

What is the deal? He's always on the side of dictatorship and anti-american countries and against free elections and american allies.

What is the deal. This needs a whole lot more light.

Anonymous said...

Oby explained today why he felt the need to intervene on Honduras. This is from Gibbs Press Conference:

Explaining why the U.S. was so assertive in responding to the upheaval in Honduras, Gibbs said it was important to show the U.S. wasn't involved in Zeleya's ouster.
Now, didn't he say he couldn't say anything about the Iranians rigged election and subsequent slaughter of their citizens was because he thought it was important to show the US wasn't involved in the uprising.

What is the deal here?

Adam Smith For Congress said...

Term Limits are the best way to keep our Republic working.
If we get people, not only in the Presidency, but in the Senate and Congress who have been there for years and years, they tend to forget who they are working for.

Nicki said...

As soon as I heard this in the news, my first thought was that Obama supports a dictator because he aspired to become one. I just want to be wrong. Please tell me I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

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