Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yeah, where are those jobs?

Republican House Leader John Boehner is surely beginning to grow on us here at TRS. Boehner started slow in his first two years. Not surprisingly, Boehner was unable to create a Republican identity separate from that of the Bush Administration. Now, in confronting the most reckless and irresponsible social and economic agenda in American history Boehner is beginning to find his footing.

Boehner, like millions of other Americans undoubtedly recall the Labor/Socialist/Democrat mindless eight year attack on George W. Bush’s economy. Notwithstanding the inherited Clinton recession, the inherited corporate scandals, the inherited growing energy crises (just ask “Grayout” Davis about that one in 2002) and, of course, the most devastating exogenous shock to ever strike the American economy, 9.11, the L/S/D claimed that 5.4% unemployment was a “
jobless recovery” back in 2004.

Boehner, like millions of other Americans undoubtedly also recall that the L/S/D claimed that the Bush economy, roaring along at full employment throughout all of
2006 was in dire need of change or the American dream would be gone with the wind.

Finally, Boehner, like millions of other Americans undoubtedly recall President Obama’s demand for a dead of night passage of the fiscal fantasy described as his trillion dollar “stimulus” package, without congressional, much less national, debate or unemployment would reach eight percent.

When unemployment blew past that eight percent worst case scenario, the President floated his usual astucious red herring with the datum defying claim that the stimulus was "saving jobs", nothwithstanding the complete absence of any economic evidence to support such macro gibberish. Now, with unemployment over nine percent and headed toward double digits, Boehner asks a simple question,
where are the jobs?

Well L/S/Ds, where are they?


Andy Cable said...

well put Ted- they give us the ammunition everyday- now we just need to concentrate on which bullits are the most effective to use, when to fire them and at whom to fire them at.
Unfortunately such decisions will need to be made by Conservatives and our candidates since we will get little backing or help from the Press. Hopefully we make "better" decisions than we have over the last few election cycles.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you.

We need to drive home the real truth about the economy.

What is it you say on Deace, Teddy, "Marxist Socialist Totalitarians"?