Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sestak and Menendez on Meet the Press: progressive liberal disingenuity on display.

Joe Sestak
Democrats Senator Bob Menendez (NJ) and Senator wanna be Retired Admiral Joe Sestak (Penn), now the Democrat candidate for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania appeared on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday liberal gabfest earlier today. Menendez chairs the Democrat Senate Campaign Committee.

The reliably liberal host identified Sestak's support for TARP, the budget bill, the stimulus bill, the auto bailout/takeover and the healthcare takeover bills and then asked Sestak to identify any issue on which he did not support the Obama position. After a nearly two minute dissertation on the use of cliche's and synonyms for "independent" Sestak could not identify a single issue where he disagreed with the direction of Obama policy.

Bob Menendez
Bob Menendez then appeared and was asked a similar question about Sestak. Although Menendez was able to vomit the word salad of personal slurs about Linda McMahon that were apparently on his prepatory menu he could not identify any example of Sestak's independence from the liberal progressive leadership. Notwithstanding the facts he just uttered Menendez repeatedly described Sestak as an independent voice.

Maybe the better question was left unanswered; can one simultaneously engage in critical thinking and believe liberal progressives?

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Sporer, glad to see you back in teh blog world. We've missed your voice.


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