Friday, May 21, 2010

Zaun and Gibbons hit the air: maybe you can tell a lot from a commercial.

Two of the candidates for the Republican Third District have now had television ads on the air for a week or longer.

Perry businessman Jim Gibbons released the first televsion spot. That first spot appears below.

Urbandale resident, state Senator Brad Zaun responded a few days later. Brad's ad appears below.

Brad Zaun's ad asks voters to support him because he believes a return to constitutional government is the answer to the nation's problems. Jim Gibbons' ad asks voters to support him because he used to be a wrestler at a university that, like Jim, does not reside in the Congressional district he seeks to represent.

Iowa Democrats, Senator Harkin and Congressman Boswell have made careers out of beating feel good Republican opponents whose primary pitch is personal likeability. The Gibbons campaign is, quite literally, cut from the same bolt of celluloid as its six failed predecessors.

The electorate wants real change in the the swirling downward spiral that afflicts the country. In light of the massacre of incumbents that we've seen for a year argument to the contrary is nothing more than defiance of reality. Even a cursory comparison of the Gibbons vs. Zaun television commercials vividly identifies the Republican candidate who is prepared to respond to the electorate's desire for ideas and solutions.


Anonymous said...

Did I say it before. Five guys running and none have a chance to beat Boswell.

Anonymous said...

Sporer, are you with Zaun or Funk? You aren't with Gibbons are you?