Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gallup: Conservatives ounumber liberals two to one: advantage growing!

We here at TRS have long relied on Gallup polling data as a fairly and consistently reliable indicator of public sentiment (slightly different than voter sentiment where Rasmussen has proven quite reliable).  Gallup has continued to report that self-identified conservatives continue to outnumber liberals by more than two to one, 42%-20% and that the conservative advantage has grown by 2% in 2010.

Moreover, self identified "moderates" (voters who believe little or nothing and can be persuaded either way) have shrunk to an eighteen year low of 35%. 

Conservatives still have the chance to change the culture; but it will not change by itself.  Political opportunism can pander to the moderates lack of ideological conviction and gain a temporary electoral advantage.  More than a temporary change of mood in about half of the 35% of "moderates" is necessary to reverse the direction of American culture, however.  America needs a generation of a permanent governing small government constitutional conservatism-from the school house to the White House.

If the cultural direction is to be changed and the trajectory of our cultural evolution is to be reversed, "moderates" must become convicted in the belief that small government constitutional conservatism both identifies the correct problems in the voter's daily life and provides the solutions to the problems that have been correctly identified. 

The question is will we even try?


Laudner said...

These moderates are not "independent" as much as "inconsistent." Their only viable political motivation is punishing bad behavior (real or perceived), so the GOP big tent will have much success in 2010. Then the conservative's work begins - to keep their new leadership in line with the platform.

Anonymous said...

I say start over with a new break away party rather than try to make it work in the GOP at this point.