Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jan Brewer: Is she the GOP Joan of Arc?

Like an old  and leathered Joan of Arc at the Valois court of Dauphan Charles, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has once again shown conservatives and Republicans a glimpse of the strategy we must follow if the present erratically paced but none the less linear descent into a shriveling, socialist nanny state is to be reversed.  

Governor Brewer's following video is a brilliant, fact based argument that rebuts the Labor/Socialist/Democrat attempts to silence the reasonable demand for border security. 

Please pass around Governor Brewer's video.  If constitutional conservatives fail to educate the public you certainly know the liberal academic/entertainment/educational establishment will.  That liberal meme will require a belief that the American border has less meaning that Iowa's border with Minnesota, and only the Ku Klux Klan can disagree. 

So, unless you do not think the trajectory of American culture and history demands change, please help inform the non-political people in your life about the real facts of modern living. 

Hopefully Governor Brewer's video will prove as stimulative to Republican courage (is Capitol Hill listening) and ingenuity (e.g. air educational ads during sporting events and reality shows) as teenaged Joan of Arc provided to Valois valor.

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