Saturday, June 19, 2010

RNC Report: Atlas says don't shrug, drink coffee.

The Obama administration is encountering “their first” - can’t blame Bush, or we inherited economy - crisis and it is truly comical to watch. I find myself glued to the Twitter stream for his next move. The President’s actions remind me of all the stuff I used to do in my activist days. Essentially (embarrassed to admit it), I know how these type of men think.

When Obama said that he can’t let a crisis go to waste, I get that; its part of the play book to raise money and get people to take action for your agenda. At first I was shocked when the President turned down help from other countries to clean up the spill but then it struck me  - he doesn’t want it cleaned up. You have to give him credit for being single minded and on message for socialism.

Here is what I imagine he said at the moment he was told about the BP oil spill…”Humm, I see great opportunity here ladies and gentlemen...” Other world leaders must be utterly amazed, and not in a good way.

Clearly our situation with President Obama is serious. His election is a symptom of a greater problem. The Republic doesn’t know who it is or understand its responsibility to freedom. Joe Public is not connecting the dots between the phrase limited government and their personal freedom. Nor do they know the purpose and boundaries of the US Constitution because they have been under educated by a liberal education establishment.

This is why conservatives on the Republican National Committee are putting together Constitution Coffees, Liberty Teas and Bill of Rights BBQs around the country. This is a simply another way to reach people and discuss the Constitution and what it means. We want to do this at a grassroots level to reach people who are not plugged into politics. This program is a fun and welcoming way to build relationships with those of our neighbors who know something is seriously wrong with government but don’t know what to do about it.  They are tired of corrupt government and well they should be.

We will distribute a White Paper on the Constitution Coffees and Liberty Teas that explains the essence and purpose of the Constitution. Let face it, limited government will never happen until the people who vote understand its value in their lives. Look at it this way….we have a crisis and we need to fix it. Our agenda is FREEDOM!

The schedule for our first Constitution Coffee’s and Liberty Tea in Iowa:
  • June 28th, 10AM--11AM CAFÉ DIEM 2005 S. Ankeny Boulevard in Ankeny.
  • July 1st, 3 PM--4 PM FRIEDRICHS 22nd Street in West Des Moines.
  • July 8th,  10AM—11AM FRIEDRICHS 86th Street in Johnston.
  • July 22nd 9AM--10AM CARIBOU COFFEE 3220 Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines.

Liberty Tea:
  • July 10th 11AM—1PM 11355 NE 142nd Avenue in Maxwell at the home of Dan and Linda Sprague.

If you are not in the Des Moines area but would like to have a Constitution Coffee, let me know. I can either schedule one near you or help you put one together for your friends.

This is one step for freedom that everyone can take (or drink).  See you there.


RF said...

So what were these guys and gals drinking when the previous administration was taking away our liberties and constitutional protections?

Anonymous said...

I just about spit out my coffee. Do you think Oby is not taking away our liberties and constitutional protections? Progressives don't like the constitution. They don't like free will. They can't control people's salt intake if we have free will.

RF - you really should try drinking coffee rather than the Kool-aid. Are progressives allowed free choice in drink? Are you allowed to drink something other than suger free, salt free government approved kool-aid?

RF said...

Anon - Your substantive argument is where??