Friday, June 18, 2010

Breaking News: Iowa National Committeewoman Kim Lehman joins TRS.

Kim Lehman, RNC
We are delighted to announce that Iowa Republican National Committee Woman Kim Lehman has joined us as a regular contributor here at TRS.

Kim serves on the national Resolutions Committee of the RNC and is a member of the Republican National Conservative Caucus within the RNC.

In her day job, Kim works for the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute as the Marketing Director and fund raiser. Kim is the former President of the Iowa Right to Life Committee and State Director for Concerned Women for America. Kim lobbied at the Iowa State house for 15 years to advance pro-life and pro-family legislation while she worked with the grassroots as a speaker and advocate for the sanctity of human life.  Kim has been a regular member of Republican platform committees for more than a decade.

Kim is currently a member of the Board of Iowan’s for Tax Relief and serves on the advisory board for Informed Choices of Iowa. Kim and her husband Randal live in Johnston, Iowa, and have 6 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Stay tuned for Kim's regular contributions.

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Why do promote hatred? Liar.