Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fear and Loathing in these Christian United States

My daughter will be a junior this fall at the University of Iowa. I've watched her grow immeasurably over the last two years in terms of maturity, critical thinking skills, time and money management, and goals. All in all, her Iowa City experience been a whirlwind of challenges met, objectives attained, and knowledge expanded.   She's a Hawkeye football season ticket holder, works at Nate Kaeding's bar and grill, and even shares her apartment with her new dog, Ruka. She's meshed well in the trendy, cosmopolitan, liberal hotbed of our state.   And yet for all this, she remains as flummoxed by liberals as she was the day she moved into the dorms her freshman year.

"They're NEVER happy, Dad. They're always angry."

I told her recently (borrowing a line from someone who posted this on a newspaper web site), "Honey, liberalism is the Libertine unleashing of the Self upon the world. It is a religion."

She didn't get it. Perhaps you don't either.

If you know a liberal, you know they're generally unhappy people. Fearful of global warming. Angry at the right wing. Despondent over the gulf oil spill. Militant in their drive to smash down opposition to their goals. Hateful of creationists, traditional marriage, and pro-lifers. She doesn't understand the tidal wave of loathing the left has for everything that doesn't ooze good intentions, freedom from responsibility, or James Taylor.

I simply tell her, "Honey, it's God."

The Left has it all. They have the presidency - and the biggest bully ever to occupy that office. Yet they seethe. They have both houses of Congress, and have marched in lockstep against 234 years of political precedent. Yet they howl. They have the media - which has become nothing more than a cardboard cutout of Joseph Goebbels in terms of propaganda versus objectivity. Yet they rail against the handful of outlets that stand in opposition to their mammoth juggernaut. They have the educational system - which allows them complete and unfettered access to our children from kindergarten through college. Yet they gnash their teeth.

They have it all. And liberals are miserable. It's part of their DNA. But why, Daddy?

"Honey, it's God."

Take any social issue, any political issue, any world event, and liberals want to be in charge of it. But not just in charge - they want to be the unchallenged masters of our existence.  This gets back to the point I made to my daughter: Liberalism is a religion. It is the Libertine unleashing of the Self (rather than God) upon the world.  In other words, they want to be God. And since that job is taken (which enrages them), and the real Heaven has already been created and is out of their jurisdiction, they crave to create their own version of heaven right here, right now...or as close to it as they can get.  This is their heaven. And when that version of heaven is slow to come to fruition, or others dare to disrupt their plans....well, they get angry. To wit:

Man-made global warming: We MUST do something - which suggests God is either asleep at the switch or doesn't exist.

Creationism/Christianity: This assumes there is a power greater than ourselves...which means someone else would be in control. (Never mind the irony of asking people to take on faith one thing that hasn't been proven (man-made global warming); and to steadfastly refuse to believe in another (God)...)

Health Care: They want the power to take care of us from cradle to grave. THEY want to be seen as God in our lives.

9/11: They couldn't wait to attack the wave of faith-based patriotism that welled up after the attacks. When crisis arrives, people turn to God. That wouldn't stand, so the Left chided and ridiculed us for it.

Abortion: If God exists, it's murder because He creates all life. So they've worked tirelessly to frame it as a medical or personal issue, not a faith-based one. Eliminate God, and this is just a medical procedure.

Same-sex relationships: If God exists, they're in trouble. So let's live and govern as if He does not.

God in schools: If God is allowed in public schools, the liberal belief system is challenged at its core. This has much more to do with competition for young minds than it does separation of church and state.

Gulf oil spill: The Left says this is horrific, the major modern disaster of our time...because there is no God to help us. (Are we really that gullible to believe that oil isn't leaking out at the same rate anywhere else on the planet? Or that God didn't design nature to take care of itself over time? Anyone seen Prince William Sound lately?)

Animal rights: If animals have the same rights as we do, then we're not in dominion over them, as the Bible clearly states. And if the Bible is wrong...

Starting to see the thread? Every single aspect of our ongoing cultural war has one common goal: eradicating God in general, and Jesus Christ in particular, from our consciousness.  And it's not working. Their heaven on earth isn't coming together as they'd envisioned it.

They're human. They are not Gods.

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RF said...

Maybe it's just my godless sinning liberal mind, but I have detected quite a bit of bitterness and anger from the conservative side over the last couple of years.