Saturday, July 03, 2010

Recovery Summer: Never underestimate parallel reality

The economic news continues to chronicle the funerary march toward the economic Elysian Fields.  Where once the American economy was the literal engine of global growth the Obama leadership now concedes that under its leadership the United States no longer drives the global economy.

The economic statistics speak for themselves; during the first month of the season President Obama has labeled "recovery summer" the United States shed another 125,000 jobs, the dramatic decline in consumer confidence has accelerated, housing starts continue to plummet, orders for durable goods are in free fall and the stock market lost a thousand points last quarter.  Even the lone bright spot, a decline in unemployment from 9.7% to 9.5% is a false positive resulting from a staggering 652,000 Americans' abandoning both the hope for employment and the national labor force.

The Labor/socialist/Democrats have labeled the summer of 2010 as "Recovery Summer".  Administration officials and L/S/D talking heads are on the speaking and talk show circuit describing the "unprecedented turnaround" in "the worst economy since the Great Depression".  The inconvenient truths, to borrow a phrase, are as inconsistent with the L/S/D claims of economic revival as are the words "chakra" and Al Gore".  Barack Obama has presided over more than three million lost jobs, jobs that his Vice President says are not going to return. 

Conservatives and Republicans cannot assume that the reality of American economic decline assure of us victory in November 2010.  The dominant L/S/D media has demonstrated the ability to fool all of the people nearly all of the time.  Although the years 2002-2007 were boom years featuring full employment and record stock and equity performances, home ownership and durable good purchases no fewer than one third of the American people consistently believed the United States was in a recession during those same six years.  The liberal campaign of 2006 was based on a need for economic change.  The unemployment rate was then 4/4% and the Dow was over 12,000. 

Our challenge is to bring home the reality of Democrat economic performance to the undecided/independent voter.  To reach those voters we need to identify the mediums that are most susceptible to L/S/D propaganda (like the Daily Show and MTV audiences).  If we fail, why should we believe that the L/S/D media and academic syndicates will be any less effective in agitprop than they were in 2006 and 2008?

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RF said...

Just imagine where we would be had we followed the Republican do-nothing agenda?