Monday, July 05, 2010

Gallup, Steele and McChrsytal prove conservatives more patriotic than liberals

Gallup's most recent, and perhaps most provocative, polling data reveals something that seems intuitively true: conservatives are more patriotic than liberals.  While no one who remembers polling data about the Iraq campaign, or indeed the typical liberal response to the Iraq campaign, should be surprised by the Gallup data it does provide an interesting statistical validation of recent powerful displays of the vast difference between the objectives each ideology pursues in public policy.

The Republican response to General Stan McChrystal's insubordinate remarks was almost universally supportive of the chain of command and the decision to remove and retire General McChrystal, regardless of the Republican agreement with the substance of McChyrstal's criticisms of the Administration.  Republicans defended the need for civilian direction of the military and chain of command rather than exploit the chaos in the Obama Administration.

Juxtapose that Republican response to the Democrat's six year embrace of any military personnel that would publicly demean the Bush Iraq policy.  Ask yourself how many times you saw leading Democrats cite President Bush's failure to reappoint or promote then Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki as evidence of the Bush Administration's malevolent nature?  The Democrats willingness and desire to embrace any military officer that would publicly disagree with Bush Administration Iraq policy extended even to Generals Casey and Sanchez, whose opinions were obviously discredited by their own failure as commanders in the field.  Democrats gave no thought to chain of command when it came to a Republican President.

Two weeks after the McChrystal kerfuffle the public has been exposed to Michael Steele's at best malapropism about the history and nature of the Afghan campaign.  No Republican leader has risen to support Steele's description of Afghanistan as President Obama's war and a war of choice that the nation did not need to fight.   Democrat elected leadership routinely said far, far worse of the Iraq campaign than the worst interpretation that the English language supports for Steele's commentary.  The best example of the insane attacks on President Bush came from Steele's then counterpart, DNC Chair Howard Dean, who suggested that the 9.11 attacks were an inside job!  One should never forget the declarations of defeat in Iraq that were the regular stock in trade of Dingy Harry Reid, Damascus Nancy Pelosi, Hillary "willing suspension of disbelief" Clinton and, of course, then Senator Barack Obama. 

Twenty percent of Democrats consistently admitted a desire for American defeat in Iraq so that it would discredit President Bush.  Democrat elected leadership did everything in their power to subvert Bush Iraq and Afghanistan policy.  Republicans have overwhelmingly supported the Obama Afghan surge and the President's war fighting powers in the War on Terror (even if the President cannot bring himself to admit the United States is at war with Islamic extremism).

Based on the facts, anecdotal and statistical, Labor/socialist/Democrats will sacrifice anything, including the reader's personal safety, in pursuit of domestic political power. 

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