Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: Don't step back...

... not one inch.  Thirty hours in, the strange case of Shirley Sherrod's "racist-turned victim-turned racist" has shown every one of the fractions of intellectual inches upon which rest the modern liberal/progressive ideology.

Andrew Breitbart
First, the fundamental premise of the original video release is unrefuted by the progressive victim chorus.  The audience, including the aptly named NAACP President Ben Jealous, are clearly sympathetic to the initial, blatantly racist Sherrod admissions.  The cynical hypocrisy behind the NAACP's provably false attacks on Tea Party activists is rendered irrefutable by the conduct of the NAACP convention delegates themselves-including, did I mention, current President Ben Jealous.

Shirley Sherrod
Second, Sherrod lifts her speech into some pretty lofty heights, but finishes with some pretty divisive, although not overtly racist commentary about Republicans.  Sherrod's partisan commentary clearly violates multiple federal statutes and regulations that prohibit partisan activity through the instrumentality of federal employment.  Sherrod probably should have been terminated for such misconduct as violations of federal law in federal office, but was rather peremptorily terminated for the mistaken charge of racism.

Third, Ben Jealous has even less credibility than Tom Vilsack.  Tough call, I know.  Jealous now claims to have been snookered by Fox News into a shrill denunciation of Sherrod shortly after the video broke.  Jealous' statements are facially preposterous.  The reader might think the fact that Sherrod was fired before Fox aired the story is dispositive of Jealous' lie; but its not.  Even stronger arguments exist against Jealous' excursion into disingenuity.

Jealous himself was in the room for the Sherrod speech and personally knew of its entire contents and the context in which it appeared.  If Mr. Jealous and I share a short attention span and a chatty disposition, as I expect we do, he might have missed some of the Sherrod speech.  Unlike me, or Bill O'Reilly, or Andrew Breitbart, Ben Jealous had access to a video recording of the Sherrod speech because the NAACP was, honest to God, the custodian of entire video recording at all times relevant hereto. 

Ex Governor Vilsack, as SofAg, fired Sherrod without a hearing, as he has now admitted.  Whatever one might conclude about Sherrod, and I'll get to that one, firing someone based on a thirty second Internet video without a hearing is pretty base and cowardly behavior.  The message to the Democrat voting base is also clear, that bus coming up behind you does not plan to brake when it reaches you.

Finally, Sherrod herself is either the willing tool of the Chicago style cynicism of this White House or the hate filled ogre she described herself as having been some twenty six years ago.  After being rehired by the Department of Agriculture Sherrod went on air with Media Matters and delivered a diatribe of racial invective at Fox News.  The Sherrod diatribe against Fox was and is utterly unsupported by any objective fact.  See Ben Jealous, above. 

Now, having been caught in a trick bag entirely of its own creation, the liberal hate machine has fired up accusations of racism against all who air or raise the foregoing now obvious facts.  This is going to get ugly; if they fire a Shirley Sherrod because they fear her story might appear on Beck what will they do to those who demonstrate the multiplicity of this Administration's deficiencies in character that are revealed by the Sherrod episode.

So, remember "Not racist, not violent and no longer silent".  We cannot allow the liberal/progressive Journo-list to canonize Sherrod, like the lying rats Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, nor camouflage her, like Jeremiah Wright.  Rather we need just need to stand our ground, stick to the facts and the only logical inferences that arise therefrom.  We will not then be silenced by the false accusations of racism and the liberal thought police that enforce the theocracy of political correctness.


Adam Smith said...

I think both sides recieved a black eye during this debacle. Fox News had quite a bit of mis-information flooded out immediately. Never was it mentioned that this happened over 20 years ago. Never mentioned that she was working not for the White House but for another group.
So really no one was telling the truth and everyone has egg on their face.
Omitting facts, to me is lying and the Conservatives could have dodged a bullet and sat back and watch the fire works between liberal groups had it only been honest. But an honest media, from either side, is too much to ask I guess

Anonymous said...

It looks like the guys over at Human Events agree with Sporer.

We still haven't seen much factual support for the liberal attack.

Anonymous said...

I think the applause from the NAACP crowd is the biggest story here and it shows they are the most racist bunch of all.



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