Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: Liberal hypocricy on steroids (but not in the way you think)

Shirley Sherrod became the latest victim of the cynical politics of racism generally employed by American progressive socialists and honed to a killing edge by the current Administration.   The facts are not disputed.

Former Department of Agiculture employee Shirley Sherrod was tape recorded boasting that she had deprived a Georgia farmer of public benefits because, and only because, he was white.  The quotes were accurate.  Within about four hours of the video release former Iowa Governor, now SoAg Tom Vilsack forced Sherrod's resignation. 

The context of the remarks then take the story in an unexpected direction.  Sherrod was using the story to describe her personal growth; the tape was old and the white farmer involved became Sherrod's friend and Sherrod the savior of his farm.  For his part, Andrew Breitbart indicated the video release had nothing to do with Shirley Sherrod but was video evidence of NAACP convention delegates approving the early, overtly racist, remarks before they heard Sherrod's sincere renunciation of the racism. 

After being caught red handed engaging in racially motivated prosecutorial decisions in the Black Panther case; the even worse policy statements that gave rise to the Black Panther case and the Journo-list concealment of Jeremiah Wright, the Administration has such little confidence in its own integrity that Shirley Sherrod, who turns out to have been a fine public servant, was fired without any opportunity to provide any defense to the charge of racism.  Secretary Vilsack has refused to rectify the injustice and rehire Sherrod. 

In an attempt to conceal the most openly racial Presidential Administration since progressive icon Democrat Woodrow Wilson embraced the Ku Klux Klan the petard did not just hoist the Bizzaro World new Jim Crow, but then exploded again to expose the true cynicism at this Administration's core.

Is this what they mean by "social justice"?

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RF said...

First of all, Vilsack admitted he was wrong and apologized in a straight-forward manner that is very seldom heard from politicians. Iowans should be proud of their former governor for that. But clearly, it is the media - first and foremost Fox and their media buddies - who look worse than anyone else in this episode. (Not that there are any winners besides Ms. Sherrod herself.)

And, did anyone really think that the administration of the first African-American president, after all that happened in 2008, would not be considered "openly racial" by Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, Sporer, etc.?


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