Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally Live Stream: A Must Watch

What a great display of patriotism and the spirit of awakening to our American greatness. As Beck says, its the beginning of the end of the time of darkness. This great display of patriotism is also why we will win the upcoming elections in a landslide of historic repudiation of the Democrat socialist nanny state world view.

The question then becomes will we be worthy of the Americans who give us that landslide, or merely a red mutation of the blue plague that has so sickened the heart and soul of the Republic?

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RF said...

I wonder what this "awakening" or "restoration of honor" exactly means? - Making sure our fellow travelers in this world will not have real access to healthcare, starting another stupid war or two, fighting for the Wall Street moguls and other highest income folks who so need defending, ensuring our gay friends will not have the same rights, in the face of another great depression using the Hooverian do-nothing approach?

I'm sure voters will be thrilled with the Beck restoration! Sadly, voters have very short memories and we will likely get to see what an R majority in one or both chambers of Congress will do.

the silverback said...

rf, hope you were watching. even at age 90 Oliver Wendall holmes was trying to expand his mind.

healthcare-no american can be denied care at any county hospital and every county in the country has to have a county hospital.

stupid war? didn't the usa take about 10 terror strikes before we started fighting back in any serious way?

how many big bank and insurance bailouts passed congress since the Dems had the majority? 5, 6 or 7?

no one has a right to get married. its a license from the state. who is going to be your special victims after homosexuals get a universal right of marriage? man's best friend i suppose.

have you heard of smoot-hawley tariff? hoover taxed capital and maintained a tight money policy.

RF said...

And, these religious fanatics are about as eager to shove their religion down other people's throats as the Islamofacists they so loathe. How ironic.

Silverback - Yeah, taking care of healthcare through emergency rooms and denying preventive/maintenance care for tens of millions is a great solution no other western country has embraced. And we are paying 3-4 times more than those others who provide truly universal care. Talk about big waste of money. The connection between Iraq and terrorism and 9/11 is again what? So you would have let the credit markets completely freeze and run millions of small businesses out of biz? Now that would have been great! We would be happy to be below 30% unemployment. And when D's try to pass rules to prevent a future mess, R's of course defended their Wall St. buddies. On gay marriage, you want a vote. But will you want it in 10-15 years when the old folks are gone and the new generation will repeal all those bans (any poll will confirm this to be a fact).