Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kim Lehman on Obama's Islamic Faith; What's the Big Deal?

Kim Lehman continues to fill the biggest of gaps in the Republican Party-leadership.  Leadership is not pandering to the public.  Leadership is not dissembling in the face of  actual facts so as to avoid offense.

Leadership comes from addressing problems and persuading others to agree with one's perspective on those problems.  Barack Obama's cultural and religious heritage is among the biggest of problems endangering the American people.

Kim has apparently kicked up quite a kerfuffle with a tweet that Barack is a Muslim.  The professional left has responded in typical fashion, with shrieks and howls of condemnation and personal attack, all of which seem based on nothing more tangible than ad hominem.  Kim herself puts it best.  "I don't understand the big deal.  Unlike most Islamic countries, that don't allow the practice of any religion but Islam, we do allow freedom of worship in this country.  Do the progressives think that there is something so wrong with Islam that following that faith is insulting?"; was the question Kim posed earlier today. 

Kim's comments are based in actual fact-a frightening thing indeed for the PC progressive crowd.  "I didn't confuse my Christian faith with Islam", Kim added, "it was the President who said described his Muslim faith, until he was corrected by George Stephanopoulos, who is also a member of the Obama media team".  It is the President who frequently refers to the Holy Qur'an in the same manner as practicing Christians refer to the Holy Bible".    The reader should not forget that the President was identified as a Muslim when he was registered for school in the strict Islamic nation of Indonesia. 

While no one is privy to the President's most intimate thoughts, as in to whom and how he prays, we do know his cultural history.  Through all of his formative years he resided with Muslims, attended Muslim schools and practiced Islam.  Barack's Christian roots date no farther back than his entry into the radical Black Liberation Theology he encountered at the Trinity UCC in Chicago, where he found the American hating racist Jeremiah Wright to be a worthy mentor. 

The import of the debate is whether Barack's Islamic cultural influences are so pronounced that he finds the Islamic threat to be a product of this nation's malevolence rather than a fifteen hundred year jihad to convert the world into an Islamic caliphate.  Whether it is ambivalence to the Iranian nuclear threat or the isolation of Israel everything about the foreign policy of the Obama Administration indicates that the President is, in fact, either sympathetic to the objectives of Islamic extremism and the concept of dhimmitude or incapable of recognizing the evil threat it poses for the Western world. 

Barack Obama became President because our party, acting under the guidance of our temporary leader John McCain, refused to discuss Barack's radical cultural and religious roots.  That was an utter failing of leadership.  Hat's off to RNC member Kim Lehman for not continuing the absurd politically correct refusal to face the dangerous facts of the Obama experience.


Anonymous said...

As usual Sporer you are spot on! Why don't you ever come to Republican events anymore?

RF said...

"Barack Obama's cultural and religious heritage is among the biggest of problems endangering the American people." - My friend, really?? You cannot be serious.

I feel the R's embrace of ignorance and abandonment of any reason or logic is the greatest threat facing this great country. For our democracy to succeed, we need two thoughtful parties and debate on the issues. But what has happened to the Republican party in the last two years truly frightens me.

Anonymous said...

geez uncle teddy. I sure wish you would blog more. I was reading Krusty's latest junior high slambook blog entry and just groan over their freakin ignorance and childishness. For a gang who cries so hard about BVP not endorsing Braindead "all in the interest of unity" or who catterwall constantly about Deace voting for Obama (ha), they sure are good at spreading hate filled disunity whenever it suits them. Kim Lehman has the only set of "cajones" in the Iowa republican party.

Go Kim! As usual, you had your facts straight and Krusty's gang in the treehouse are all pissing themselves in fear of democrats, hoping against all hope that they'll be liked by the dummycrats if they just don't criticize dummycrats.

This is why John McCain is not president. Nussle was not governor, Lamberti is not a congressman, and neither was Stan (what was his name again) who ran twice! wasn't a congressman.

Ya know...with these kind of advisors, Branstat will likely lose too.

Anonymous said...

RF - why are you guys all shook up about Obama being a muslim? Is there something wrong with that? Why so defensive? How do you feel about straight up Black Liberation Theology? Is there anything wrong with that? How about Karl Marx? Are you into that? Is communism ok? Just what is out of bounds? Anything?

Anonymous said...

crap. There goes Michael Steele again. He sounds just as ball-less as Krusty and all the other career staff who tell us all to just shut up and vote.

Perhaps they are all unaware of the teaparty movement. We are sick of ball-less, say nothing, mean nothing in particular candidates.

I'm inclined now to vote for Jon Narcisse. At least he says what he means and means what he says. That's priceless. That's honest. That's gutsy. He has no fear of criticism and stands up for his convictions.

If he promises to actually reduce government rather than just shift around the funding (did TB talk about increasing gas taxes like a freakin dummycrat would do?), I'm going to vote for Narcisse.

I'm among the pretty pissed off at our lamestream republicans like Michael Steele and Krusty the Klown. Boy, he really got that moniker right, didn't he?

RF said...

Sorry, Anon. There is no point debating in the alternative, make-up-your-own-facts universe occupied by Lehman, Sporer, King, Bachmann, Beck, Palin & co.

The Real Sporer said...

rf, with what statement of fact do you disagree?

not which conclusion, we'll have plenty of time to search for fallacies in my syllogism later, but the erroneous assertion of fact.

RF said...

Let's see... "Barack is a Muslim"..."Through all of his formative years he resided with Muslims"... - Since thinking along these lines forms the whole basis of your post, it really is pointless to debate this issue.

I really feel sorry for the intellectually-oriented conservatives being squeezed out of your "big tent." As I've said many times, not everything conservative is bad. But I'm scared of the craziness taking over your party. Of course, as a purely political matter, I hope these nutcases completely take over your party. That could save us come November.

RF said...

BTW, behind the inaccuracies and wild suggestions, I think I see the point you are trying to make. Seems like you feel Obama’s background makes him too accommodating to radical Islam, and you think that endangers the country. While I strongly disagree with that sentiment, at least the issue could be debated if you left out the inaccuracies and wild exaggerations and conclusions, and if you didn’t try to defend the clearly false statements made by Lehman. She may have posted on your blog and you may consider her a friend, but, if you are interested in honest debate, there is really no use trying to defend people when they just make stuff up or announce as a fact their far-fetched conclusions based their own interpretation of a speech.

Susan said...

The left is not fearful of the idea that a President might be Muslim or some other Non-Christian religion. We are just tired of the right always perpetuating these lies and then going in to spin and fear-mongering. Let's be clear here, it is Mr. Sporer who wrote:
"Barack Obama's cultural and religious heritage is among the biggest of problems endangering the American people."
"..biggest of problems endangering the American people" Really???
Yet is it is the left that is fearful of a Muslim President?? Let's get real. Let's deal with Facts. Let's quit trying to instill fear into the American people at every turn. If the Republicans had answers to the REAL problems facing Americans, then the Presidents "cultural and religious heritage" would be the non-issues that they should be. The non-issues that they really are.

The Real Sporer said...

rf, I didn't say Baracki was a practicing Muslim.

But his father and stepfather were muslims. He spent years in Indonesia, a backward and Islamic fundamentalist country, attending muslim religous schools.

His documentation from those years show him to have been identified as a muslim.

He has, on more than one ocassion described "my muslim faith". I've never heard some slip up and misdescribe their religion, and believe that question arises in custody cases all the time. Its hard to believe that a "clean" and "articulate" genius with "no discernable negro dialect" would not make such a mistake, much less more than once. I employed quotes because I'm quoting Harry Reid and Joe Biden.

Like I said, I don't care to whom or how he prays. You know I'm agnostic on the whole existence of God thing, although the older I get the more the unanswerable question of the beginning of existence thing becomes harder to ignore, so I don't really care about the religion, if any, Baracki practices or in which he believes.

But you are right, I do care that his cultural world view is very overly sympathetic toward Islamic extremism, and that is very dangerous for you and me. More so you know that you are on the East Coast and more likely to be affected by another terror strike.

Since I don't fly I feel pretty snug here in Des Moines.

The Real Sporer said...

Oh, and I forgot about Baracki's law school education at Harvard-he's younger than me and Drake was almost $20K a year tuition when I attended from 82-85-so that is a hell of a generous gift.

Saudi's aren't known for their generosity toward Christians (or anyone for that matter) and I doubt they just pulled Baracki's name out of a hat for the $150,000 gift.

Michael said...

I agree with Susan above. The left couldn't care less what religion the president follows. This is a non-issue and a non-story. Quit the slight of hand and use your energy to focus on the real issues - not the make believe ones - facing the nation. Heaven knows we have enough of them.

The Real Sporer said...

Susan, please read more carefully, I said the left is afraid of facts. I assume you guys would love him even more if he said he was a muslim. Think of the rapture you would experience if we had a black president from a religion that contains about one third of one percent of the population.

What you and your fellow travellers fear are the numerous facts I described above.

What I fear is a President that fails the grasp, or even worse sympathizes with, Islamic extremism.

If you don't think we need to fear Islamic extremism you are simply foolish in the extreme. If you don't think we need very aggressive action to crush the threat of Islamic extremism then you are simply naive.

I'm guessing you aren't very well informed on world history or you would understand this current clash with aggressive panIslam isn't our first rodeo with those guys, or aggressors in general.

The Real Sporer said...

Michael, you don't think our Presidents empathy for or ignorance of the threat posed to American citizens is a real problem?

If not, we very much disagree on that subject.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I can't wait for Susan and Michael to defend Christmas this year for Christians. Funny how all of a sudden they are all for religious tolerance, yet put up a manger scene, and they are scared to death they might see it. Might damage them.

Anonymous said...

RF, Susan and Michael - if someone was a Marxist, is that a problem? What is the official position of the democrat party on Marxism? BTW, Loebsack was listed as one of 70 Congressmen that are members of the Socialist Party in America. Is that the official Democrat goal? Socialism?

Susan said...

Ah, now Sporer plays the "extremism" card! If "muslim" doesn't scare the masses enough, let's now call Obama an extremist! Now we're properly scared!

Susan said...

Hey Anonymous! Nice name, by the way. Anyway, I wasn't aware that Christmas needed defending, but thanks for letting me know. This way when I put up my Christmas Tree and Christmas lights this year, I will remember to keep my eyes extremist muslims coming to tear my lights down.

RF said...

Sporer - You really think Obama doesn't understand the threat of terrorism or doesn't care about it? Of course, if your measure of caring about it is starting a stupid war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and posed no danger to the US, I guess he's not your security guy. From my perspective, the W/Cheney gang and their apologists did an awful lot to weaken our security. And let's not forget the inconvenient fact that 9/11 did happen under their watch. I personally sleep much better here close to the Beltway knowing we have some rational folks in charge who may actually have an inkling about what our enemies are thinking.

RF said...

Hey, Sporer! Off topic, but maybe you could post something timely about gay marriage in honor of Ken Mehlman coming out. It's getting funny, there appears to be just as many R as D defenders of gay marriage these days. Gay Old Party, maybe? - Anyways, with some good commenters here, maybe we could get a lively discussion going. Like the good old days.

Michael said...

"The Real Sporer said...
Michael, you don't think our Presidents empathy for or ignorance of the threat posed to American citizens is a real problem?"

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of our president's empathy. Religious freedom and tolerance, to me, is very important and I don't believe for one second that anyone would give a hoot if the subject were a proposal for a church or synagogue or monastery or meditation center to be built in the vicinity of ground zero. I don't see the problem you refer to regarding a Muslim community center.

I think the continued use of terms like "Ground Zero mosque" are inaccurate and misleading and used only to frighten and foster hostility and misinformation for nothing more than political gain with no thought given to what will make the US, and by hopeful extension the world, a better, safer place.

Anonymous said...

Since when did democrats give a dummyrats ass about religious freedom and tolerance? Your behavior towards christians is well, almost muslimlike. Interesting bedfellows you've joined up with. Muslims are anti women - sharia, anti-gay - sharia, and anti abortion. What an interesting alliance you have.

Anonymous said...

You guys never remember that we know what you said yesterday because algore invented the internet. The 71% of americans who disagree with your behavior are laughing their fat asses off right now at you. Hahahahahahaha. See ya in November.

By George Neumayr on 8.26.10 @ 6:10AM

"Why does a significant chunk of the American electorate think Obama is a Muslim? Let's count some of the reasons: he speaks of his "Muslim roots," says he hails from "generations of Muslims," was born to a line of Muslim males and given by them an Arabic name, went to a Muslim school in Islamic Indonesia, speaks glowingly of Islam whenever he gets the chance, holds a Ramadan dinner in the White House, tells his NASA head to turn the space agency into a Muslim outreach program, and last but not least insults doctrinal Christians routinely.

The voice of the people is the voice of God, the pander bears and demagogues of the left usually say. But not on this one. With great impatience they have appeared on cable shows this week to lecture the American people on Obama's "real" religion. Has the left-wing chattering class ever been more eager to pronounce a president Christian?

The American public hasn't seen this level of hyperactive defensiveness from them, or what they would call a "teachable moment," since that terribly insensitive New Yorker cover depicting Obama in a turban. Or was it the time that Hillary Clinton slyly said that Obama isn't a Muslim "as far as" she knew? Or was it the time the Hillary campaign allegedly sent to the Drudge Report an image of Obama in Muslim garb? Or when Hillary-consultant Mark Penn's offensive memos leaked out saying that he couldn't "imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and in his values"?