Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why is Tom Miller hiding from Brenna Findley?

Brenna Findley
Future AG
We here at TRS learned yesterday that 24 year incumbent Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has refused to debate 34 year old challenger Brenna Findley.

While Findley is a tough and articulate little bulldog (a professional compliment among lawyers not a physical metaphor) one would think that a 66 year old incumbent who has spent his entire life in politics and is seeking a seventh term as AG would not view Findley as much of a threat.  Miller is either the operational definition of a political sissy or something much worse is afoot. 

So what does Miller's refusal to openly debate say about both Miller and the party and movement he represents? 

Miller and McCarthy
(Seen only among only friends)
Miller's refusal to engage in political debate is another example of the "21st Century" Labor/Socialist/Democrats' reliance on paid advertising and reliable media (news and entertainment) and academic allies to project their propaganda without the risk of defending their record in an environment they do not control.  Such conduct is not that of a party that believes its record to be defensible or one that respects the democratic process upon which our nation is premised.

Why and what is Miller hiding?

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