Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Head stomping.

Well, the violent leftists who have wrought such havoc and danger at GOP events for years just ran into a good ole' boy from Kentucky who apparently did not get the memo that Democrats can scream down Republicans, throw pies at Republicans, throw filth at Republican convention delegates, and generally disregard even the pretense of civility and decorum while Republicans are supposed to turn the other cheek like a gentle lamb of God.

So, after a paid MoveOn (authors of the interesting Zen, "violence in the name of peace is not violence") operative, followed by fellow travelers, bursts through crowd to abruptly rush a private citizen running for federal office (kind of like the way RFK was shot) is stopped by the prompt, and rather enthusiastic, intervention of another private citizen the liberals are the first to screech about violence and hate.  Having attended the 2008 RNC and thereby provided a first hand look at the extent of the violent threat posed by these LSD radicals I'm reminded of an old lyric by Sir Elton John.

"God is dead and the war's begun".

It appears it has. 


RF said...

So is that how Fox is portraying the incident? - Seems quite different from the other news outlets.

Anyways, how about the MoveOn point in this instance? The marriage of big corporations and politics? - I think those tea sipping regular folks are going to get stomped by multinationals in DC.

The Real Sporer said...

I haven't seen any television, including Fox, coverage, just the four or five videos that are available on the internet. Its pretty obvious that the primary "victim" and her posse are rushing toward Rand Paul, pushing their way through the crowd.

The crowd response is a natural reaction to a pretty real threat. If you have seen the RFK assasination video you'd get my point. Moreover, the liberal groups have done this for years. For some, the Bill Ayers/Jeremy Wright crowd the intent is to create chaos that causes crises that is then used as a pretext for their socialist state-classic Lenninist/Alinsky strategy.

The others, and I would guess the Kentucky morons fit the later category, are just a typical bunch of zealots that justify anything they do because we conservatives are just so evil that we deserve abuse and normal rules of civility in a civil society don't apply. I have witnesses this first hand, particuarly at the GOP convention in '08. So now the other side of the equation is fighting back and suddenly the Ds are all for a civil decorum.

As for the last question, we will see. If the GOP hasn't made real change, and don't make real change, then their grip on control will be fleeting. You can gain power by raging against unpopular incumbents but once you are the incumbent that dog doesn't hunt all that well.

Hopefully the defeat of clowns like Murkowski and real liberals like Mike Castle and several other GOP incumbents will scare the crooked bastards in Washington into an understanding that we out in the sticks, ignorant and uneducated though we be, aren't happy with GOP slowing the growth and control of government and we want a big roll back.

Anonymous said...

Elton John, nice. Sporer you have a good imagination.

I get both your points. Getting their butts kicked a few times might discourage the lefties from rushing at conservative speakers and politicians. Pie in the face anyone?

I especially get your point about the Republicans. If they think we want a return to Republican Congressional habits after the big Republican win in 2002 they are in for a rude awakening.

You need to post more often. Your people miss you.

Anonymous said...

This proves there is no hypocritical stone left unturned for the lefties.