Monday, November 01, 2010

Final Predictions and Leonard Boswell is a ....

... nasty, stupid, deceitful, disgusting seeping pustule on the unwiped ass of the body politic.  For years I've taken the position that Leonard is a typical bank bencher, votes with the Labor/sociaist/Democrat leadership but is otherwise not a bad guy.

Wow, have I been wrong.

Well, they say times of struggle reveal but do not make character.  Boswell has had a hell of a struggle in this campaign.  The struggle reveals Leonard Boswell to be an arrogant, stupid, old man whose entire adult life in politics has been spent dividing people along lines of class, age and color.  Now having run probably the most vile and dishonest campaign ever seen in this usually pretty civil state Boswell has hit a new lowest low.  Today's new Boswell radio spot, in which voices of women in distress are played and false accusations of abuse are spoken is so over the top that even I am shocked-and since I'm pretty cynical and don't shock easily, that's a mouthful.

If this Democrat campaign of lies, distortion and ad hominem doesn't awaken Republicans to the new politics of the 21st Century perhaps the patient is dead.  Now, get ready for the cheating tomorrow and thereafter.

Assuming that Democrats are unable to steal more than a handful of seats in the House and the margins in Alaska, Illinois, West Virginia, Nevada and Washington are outside a mandatory recount-as we know from the clown up north (Al Franken) Democrats typically take precincts 90/10 in such recounts-the official TRS prediction is:

House   248    GOP   187   LSD    GOP +  71
Senate    51    GOP    49   LSD    GOP + 10

Now, let's go make it happen!


Anonymous said...

I just pray Conservatives roll tomorrow and the margin is so large democrats cannot cheat their way to victory.


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