Sunday, March 04, 2012

Eric Cantor on Meet the Press-why we lose.

Eric Cantor
Eric Cantor's appearance on David Gregory's Meet the Press just provided every conservative with a graphic display of "how to lose the debate".  The first question, after Cantor's endorsement of Mitt, went right to Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke.  Rather than use the opportunity to attack the liberal bias of the program and Democrat flak man Gregory, Cantor bundled himself in a rhetorical fetal position and pandered to the host.

Page one of the liberal playbook is creation of false victims as a means of distracting the public from real issues.  The victim d'jure is Sandra Fluke.

Every one reading these words know that Sandra Fluke is the thirty year old Georgetown law student that testified for Nancy Pelosi last week.    The purpose of Fluke's testimony was to falsely portray conservative resistance to the Obama attack on the freedoms of religion and conscience as hostility to women and their right to purchase contraception.  We all also know that Rush Limbaugh has spent the last several days ridiculing the preposterous claims perjuriously uttered by Fluke before Congress. 

Cantor's first move, apologizing for Rush, is step one in the losing tactic.  Why do Republicans feel the need to apologize for each other?  We seem to grasp that apologies for others are construed as admissions of wrong doing by the apologist, e.g. GOP criticism of the Obama Administration's continued apologies for the Qu'ran burnings.

Cantor then chose to forgo a chance to illustrate the duplicitous double standard of conduct liberal media figures practice.  Where was the list of horrible names that are routinely hurled at Sarah Palin on MSNBC?  Make Gregory defend the hate speech employed on his network by his corporate co-workers and we will soon see Gregory and his ilk in the progressive media quickly find other topics of interest to their audience.

Then, Cantor, through his silence, conceded that Fluke's facially absurd and selfish claims were somehow accurate.  The opportunity was perfectly sited for an attack on the dishonesty and selfishness of the position advocated by the thirty year old lifetime left wing activist. Fluke's claim that she and her sisters at Georgetown law school are economically suffering because their student insurance does not pay for contraception at the Catholic law school was nonsense at best.  Where was the obvious argument that Nancy Pelosi used the absurd Fluke statements to divert the public from the real issue-the continued attack on freedoms of religion and conscience that are a necessary part of "radically transforming America" that progressives promise?

We lost control of the debates over budget cuts and we are losing the tax increases debate for the same reasons.  Conservative leaders are so fearful of the liberal press that they say nothing and hope for the best.  We are in the midst of the radical transformation of America that President Obama promised, so how's the say nothing strategy working for us?

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