Wednesday, March 07, 2012

What's the difference between Derrick Bell and David Duke?

The progressive movement embraces the racism of Derrick Bell and villifies the racism of David Duke.  That's the only difference.

Every time a progressive tells you that President Obama's lifetime association with the most dangerous and radical elements of the American far left does not matter ask them what they would say if a Republican POTUS candidate had ever asked an audience to open its hearts and minds for the words of David Duke or Timothy McVeigh?

The Derrick  Bells and Jeremiah Wright's of the world make the same racist arguments that David Duke advocates.  The only distinctions arise from the different skin color and ethnic ancestry of the victims and the villains.  All are equally repulsive to a United States that aspires to the racial neutrality required to provide equal protection to all citizens. 

Ask the liberal speaker to articulate the difference between the political terror of Timothy McVeigh and the political terror of William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn?  McVeigh was more effective but the intent, well expressed by Ayres himself, was the same, was it not?  Ayers and Dohrn were undoubtedly not building and planting bombs that they knew would be ineffective at the time of detonation.

You probably will not get an answer (but you might get called a name).

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