Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tom Hanks calls us racists?

Tom Hanks recently defined the American war against Japan, what most of us call World War II, as a campaign of "racism and terror".  In his own words:

Normally a liberal actor's confusion of role with reality generates little more than a chortle, as one is ever reminded of Martin Sheen holding a pro-Jihad press conference about Iraq from the faux West Wing backdrop, Hanks' gibberish arrived at a rather unique and more consequential moment. 

It seems that Hank's voice is, quite literally, the narrative voice in Hollywood's seventeen minute docuganda loosely based on the first three years of the failed Obama experiment.  Oddly enough, Hanks' racially sensitivity has not always been acute.  Thanks to some fine journalism at the Daily Caller, the world can again see Tom Hanks in his own words.

Isn't this where we say "shut up and act" before you lose another huge slice of audience share.

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