Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trayvon Martin: Obama/Lib Leadership Show Their Hand.

Today's Obama Administration's attack on Republicans for "politicizing" Trayvon Martin's death has reached heights of cynicism unusual even for liberal race baiters.

The test for determining exactly who is politicizing the tragic incident is pretty simple, who is saying what about whom?

The entire black post Civil Rights leadership-from well known shake down artists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to Congressional clowns like Bobby Rush, Freddie Wilson and Hank "Guam Might Capsize" Wilson to the dangerous and violent New Black Panther Party-has shrieked racial resentment and animosity for more than a week. 

The very common and obviously contrived meme is "they" killed Trayvon Martin; "they" hunted [Trayvon] like a dog".  Precisely who is or are the people to whom the sinister pronoun refers?  Since anyone who cares about the incident already knows that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin an implication that others were involved appears entirely at odds with not just some but all known evidence.  What then motivates the use of a pronoun that inherently distinguishes the speaker ("we") from the subject ("they") of the speech if not division itself?

The President went out of his way to personally identify with Trayvon Martin.   By age seventeen, Trayvon had already been suspended from school multiple times; caught with women's jewelry and burglary tools; and struck a bus driver.  To date, even the harshest of the President's critics, like say, me, have missed the Presidential gold grill and visible tats.  Skin tone appears to be the only trait shared by the President and Trayvon Martin.  Not education, not upbringing, not occupation, not even a common ethnicity and certainly not similar taste in attire.  No, only skin tone.  Why would the President use the proverbial and powerful bully pulpit of POTUS itself to identify with what certainly now appears to be a thug who was shot in the act of beating another man's head on the pavement?  Perhaps the President's invovlement in this Florida case, like the President's intervention in the entirely more trivial arrest of the President's Harvard friend Henry Louis Gates, is the reflection of a heart and mind that was not only opened to but has fully endorsed and internalized the critical racial theory of his mentor Derrick Bell.

Jesse Jackson described Trayvon Martin as a martyr.  To what cause?  At this point, five witnesses, at least some of whom were immediate eye witnesses, have given statements that are consistent with George Zimmerman's description of the incident.  The existence of Zimmerman's injuries have been medically verified and are themselves consistent with his version of the event.  Would not a reasonable person perhaps identify a cause in the pursuit of which Trayvon Martin died before declaring him a martyr?

The world has not seen such an unapologetic display of racial division at the highest levels of American politics since Democrat icons Woodrow Wilson previewed "Birth of a Nation" in the White House, Robert Byrd gave up his sheets and George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door trumpeting segregation forever.  Conservatives will be attacked because we have the poor manners to object to it. 

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