Friday, April 13, 2012

Barack Obama: WMD in the War on Women.

The Labor/Socialist/Democrat leadership, media and academia are in full throat decrying the War on Women being waged by that heartless Mitt Romney. Since seizing control of Congress in January 2007, the LSD has done massive damage to American women.  Much like the Saudi elite encourage hatred of the West to divert attention from their own failures, the American liberal elite is working at least double overtime to distract independent women from the bleakness of their own pocket books.

The close of the era of Republican control of the White House and Congress (2001-2006) saw unemployment among women never higher than 6.3%; as low as 4.6% and averaging a healthy 5.4%.  Remember, this period included the worst exogenous shock the US economy ever experienced, with millions of jobs disappearing overnight courtesy of the bin Laden boys on 9.11 and the worse natural disaster in American history, Hurricane Katrina.  Both disasters particularly hit the travel and hospitality industries wherein women are disproportionately represented.

Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to occupy the Speaker's chair, promised to change the direction of the economy.  Promise delivered.  At the end of her first term as Speaker, the Reid Pelosi Congress ended the Bush boom and had scratched at the eyes of every working woman the LSD claims to protect.   Female unemployment had grown to recession levels in less than two years. The year 2008 produced 5.4%  unemployment among all woman; 5.9% among single/previously married and 8.5% of single/never married.  And that was with W and his veto pen providing superhero service to merely keeps the wolves away from the American Woman.

The era of Obama has seen unemployment among women reach thirty year highs.   Out of the bat, 2009 saw u3 unemployment of all women increase by millions-averaging 8.1%.  Unrestrained by the threat of filibuster or veto the LSD could fully implement its war on single women.  Single/previously married women saw u3 unemployment sky rocket to  9.1% and single/never married to 12%-also a near thirty year high.

At the mid term mark, with complete control of the government, the LSD agenda had not only failed to solve the crushing financial losses experienced by American women, it had drug women even further into poverty and despair.  At the close of 2010 the average female u3 was 8.6% for all women, and 9.6% and 12.8% for the two categories of single women.  This first group to feel the parallel reality of LSD ideology were the women of America.  LSD economic victims represented millions of women looking for jobs who cannot find them.

The year 2011 did not see the Democrat US Senate pass a budget (filibuster proof-remember Obamacare) or the President's budget generate a single vote in either house of Congress.  It did see unemployment among single women 16-24 average 21%.  That means one out of every five women at the start of what should be a career is out of work.

It doesn't look like these jobs for women are coming back.  Long term unemployment remains at thirty year highs. 

Unsurprisingly the disappearance of millions of employed women from the economy took billions of private sector dollars out of the economy and replaced it with billions of federal, state and local public assistance.  The inevitable result of such truly mindless policies is poverty, systemic long term poverty.

The last biennial census reported record levels of poverty and near poverty among American women.  A record 7.8% of American women live at less than half the official poverty level; 16.5% below the poverty level and 21.5% are living at 125% the poverty level.  At the end of 2006 some 21,476,176 American women lived at or below the poverty line.  At the end of 2010 poverty among America's female population increased by approximately twenty percent to 25,432,416.

The jobs lost by women since January 1, 2007 represent hundreds of billions of dollars that left the productive economy.  Even women working for government turned around their income and put it back to work.  Even government work is better than short or long term employment.  The liberal Obama record is disastrous for women, especially the millions newly living at less than half the federal poverty level. 

But the unkindest cut against American womanhood is the insult to our sisters' intelligence.  After impoverishing millions of American women the Obama Administration thinks it gets re-elected by lying to women about "the secret Republican plan to deprive women of contraception", a plan  kept so secret that no Republican knows of it and no one is advocating it. 
Every woman in American that wants a job, or has one and wants a better job, has one choice in this election, Mitt Romney.  Its not just minorities that are chained to the Obama Plantation.

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