Friday, April 13, 2012

A bird? A plane? No, its Corey Booker.

Newark Mayor
Corey Booker
Newark mayor Cory Booker is a Democrat we need to watch.  Booker makes TRS today not just for his recent heroics.

Last night, after returning from a television interview, Booker took a page out of Theodore Roosevelt's biography and did something truly heroic.  Booker rushed into a burning building and saved his neighbor's life.

After breaking loose from his security detail Booker ran into his neighbor's house, ran up a flight of stairs as explosions occurred in the house and grabbed the woman out of her bed in a second story bedroom.  Booker sustained minor injuries and some damage from smoke inhalation.  That kind of physical courage and selflessness is not entirely routine in 21st Century America. 

Booker has star quality potential; a good looking young man, very charming and lacking the arrogance and condescension of Barack Obama. Booker seems to be genuinely nice and genuinely personable. 

Booker has already displayed more political courage than a typical Labor/Socialist/Democrat by appearing on Fox News.  The young Newark mayor has well acquited himself in those FNC appearances.  On the occassions when we here at TRS have seen him Booker joined the debate without the personal vitriol that liberals, especially the current LSD leadership, typically pass as argument on the merits of an issue.

Cory v. Chris?  Maybe, but a man to watch to be sure.


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RF said...

For once, we agree 100%. Who would have thought that the most promising people in both parties come from New Jersey??


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