Friday, April 13, 2012

Liberal Dead Enders: Missouri Progressive

The liberal mind is at times a very frightening place.  Just came across this little slice of paranoid schizophrenia from a closed poster named Blue Girl at a blog known as Missouri Progressive.

"One impolitic comment does not a wholesale surrender make, nor does it truncate the actual policies that GOP lawmakers are instituting nationwide to disenfranchise old women at the ballot box and to turn young women who have sex into brood mares. It doesn't undo the attacks on our access to abortion, it doesn't undo the fact that equal pay provisions are being rolled back, that women's jobs have been eliminated at the state and local government level when funding for schools and healthcare is slashed (most teachers and nurses are women) and it doesn't obviate the fact that there are people who, in all plaintive seriousness, want to make contraceptives illegal."

 Brood mares?  Brood Mares?

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