Friday, April 20, 2012

Brian Schweitzer: Get to know the face of ...

... well, you fill in blank but read on before you fix the word.

The Democrat Governor of Montana is Brian Schweitzer.  Although everyone knew it was coming, today  Schweitzer became the most prominent Obama surrogate to unleash polygamy from their arsenal of ad hominem.

As is well known Mitt Romney's father, four term Michigan Governor George Romney, was born in a Mormon colony in Mexico.   Mitt's father was born in 1907-that's one hundred five years ago.  Mitt's father was monogamous.  Mitt's grandfather, Gaskell Romney,  was married to his only wife, Anna, in 1895.  That accounts for one hundred seventeen years of monogamy in the Romney family. 

However, Gov. Schweitzer is apparently unimpressed with only one hundred seventeen years of Romney's without sister wives.  Gov. Schweitzer reached all the way back to 1869, one hundred and forty three years ago, to taint Mitt with the polygamy of his great-grandfather Miles Park Romney.

The particular hypocricy of this President and his radical adherents stoking religous bigotry through guilt by association has become so common as to be unremarkable.  No, the truly splendid irony arises from a much, much more recent experience with plural marriage in this President's immediate family.  It seems the President's father was either a polygamast or a bigamist.  Although the precise adjective is not entirely clear, the fact is the President's father was simultaneously married to two women for much of his adult life. 

Obviously this attack is merely an opening salvo.  Having presided over the worst economy with the highest level of poverty and welfare dependence in at least 80 years,  fueled by greater public debt than the collective borrowing of his forty three predecessors, President Obama's only hope is to utterly disqualify his opponent.  Since, whatever else can be said of him, Mitt Romney is a good man, the disqualification must come from personal attackis

Schweitzer is not some rouge, one might even say "maverick", mid-level party bureaucrat.  Nor is Schweitzer a mere celebrity in search of a spot light.  As a blue governor in a very red state, Schweitzer is major player in in Democrat politics.

Today's outrage goes to show how low they will go to save the quicksand empire of the welfare state and the power it provides them.

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