Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Civility: Axelrod Calls Republicans Terrorists (Again)

It looks like the Administration of civility in Washington has once again called Republican opponents terrorists.

President Obama's chief political operative David Axelrod Republicans just accused Republicans in Congress of waging a "reign of terror".   We were quickly able to find the link since CNN's "Last Word" is apparently prerecorded.

Axelrod is merely echoing the Administration's general description of Congressional Republicans.  Early in the Obama Administration the DNC compared Republican criticism of the President's Nobel Prize to Hamas and the Taliban.  Last August the Vice-President characterized Congressional Republicans as terrorists.  In January of this year, Obama surrogate Rep. Henry Waxman reiterated the same analogy.

This latest attack, coming on the heels of Brian Schweitzer's Friday attack on Mitt Romney's polygamist great-grandfather, well serves to remind us all that civility runs just one way on Obama Street.

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