Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mitt Mashes Media: Finally Fights Back!

OK, maybe mash is just a wee tad too strong a verb but Mitt finally did something that millions of Americans have hoped he would: publicly both recognize and confront the outrageous bias of the old media and its21st Century cyber counterparts.

While a full Newtonian assault might still exceed Mitt's capacity for confrontation the public recognition that bias exists is a good first step.  It also shows that Mitt may recognize that the mainstream media views him, and us, as the enemy.  Mitt only wins if he can bypass the mainstream media and bring his message directly to the voters.

The McCain disaster in 2008 surely provided dispositive proof that the old media centers (e.g. alphabet networks, NY Times, WaPo) will always tilt left when the choice is D v. R.  John McCain spent fifteen years saying the worst things possible about many Republicans, especially George W. Bush.   No Republican in living memory demonstrated the power of pander in media relations.  Right up to moment Sen. McCain cinched the Republican nomination the old media complex adored him.  Over the course of six months that same media complex transfomed Sen. McCain from the beloved statesman, a courageous "Maverick", the teller of unpleasant truth to power, into a cantankerous old crony of corporate corruption. (Yes, a conscious alliteration, just could not resist). 

Out here in the conservative sticks we are looking for someone who will use the campaign as a teaching moment (and now my rhetorical will is overcome by the power of pun).  There are millions of non-party voters who have no core political conviction.   The upcoming six and a half months provide Mitt with the opportunity to transform himself from a manager into a leader.  Leadership requires more than persuading the voter in the proverbial middle to dislike him a little less than Mr. Obama.  No, Mitt will need to reverse the ideological trend, and that will require a reformation of the intellectual corruption found in most of America's media and academic elite establishments.

If Mitt pulls that off he will remembered like President Reagan and not President Coolidge.

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