Monday, April 16, 2012

POTUS: Romney supports racial profiling.

While no rhetorical low is outside the arsenal of a President who labelled his predecessor "unpatriotic" (ironically for raising the debt ceiling) today's overt accusation of racism on the Spanish language network still triggers the cringe reflex in decent people.

Mr. Obama's attack on the Arizona's ID statute continues the hard core press that the President has placed on Hispanic voters.  Mr. Obama continues his unprecedented attack on Republicans as anti-Hispanic racists.   Today he personalized that to Mitt Romney. 

On the merits, Mr. Obama is simply lying.  SF1070 contains no identification provision that does not mirror federal law.  Since the Obama Administration is arguing that those federal laws preempt Arizona law it is difficult to find any reasonable basis in fact for the President's ridiculous claim.  A President making unfounded predictions or unsupportable arguments is hardly new or noteworthy in itself.

There is one thing for which this President does deserve some credit.  Mr. Obama has abandoned whatever shallow pretense of inclusion or pursuit of national unity he and the liberal political leadership previously maintained.  This is a President that not only hates his personal rivals, we've seen that with Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, but hates entire categories of Americans based on class, race, education and religous belief. 

And that is scary. 

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