Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good job ABC

Having reflected on the two debates last night I think its only fair to compliment ABC for a job well done. Gibson did the best job, and ABC provided the best format yet seen.

Unlike the CNN debates, ABC didn’t try and present a caricature of the Republicans or push the Democrats to Hillary. The questions mostly centered on big issues with the occasional personal insight query thrown in.

TRS has complained loud and long about the phony debates this year. Its time to reward a job well done.


The Secretary said...

Let the real work begin.

Anonymous said...

If the fetus you save is gay, will you still fight for it's rights???

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, come on, Teeeder. Update your blog, baby. I want to read your take on New Hampshire. Right on, Daddy-o, let it blow! Iree, Iree, Mon! Go to Jamaica, Mon! Drink some rum, Mon!Plus you have to comment on Klein polling 19 votes. What he say he spent, 50 G's? That works out to $2631.58 a vote. He's a financial genius alright!

A ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha!

That's just too hot to handle! What a riot, what an ever-loving riot!

A ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha!

19 votes!

A ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha a ha!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we would fight for the life. Life is life. That's it. Bottom line. Do you believe in the unborn gay's right to live? Do you believe the 14th amendment applies to ALL humans? Would YOU fight for the rights of the unborn child?

Likely not. If it's inconvenient, just kill it.