Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tiger 1/Punks 0 – Let’s keep it that way.

Of course the thugs who tortured Tatiana the tiger (pictured above with family) into a degree of madness now claim victim status are suing the San Francisco Zoo. The reader will recall Tatiana as the tiger who, after being abused and taunted with rocks (fired from slingshots) executed a Tiger Olympic leap that proves Tony was right about those Frosted Flakes, cleared a deep moat and high fence and stalked and killed one of her assailants and attacked the other two. We who live in the real world call this result “natural order”. Amazingly, Tatiana actually ignored other people as she focused on the evil little punks who tortured her.

After Tatiana was unjustly killed by law enforcement her memory is now being sullied by
a lawsuit filed the remaining sadists.

It isn’t often in modern American life that people learn the perils of taunting an actual tiger. Granted, the average American isn’t so morally degenerate as to derive entertainment from torturing a caged animal that can neither escape nor defend itself.

Tatiana, however, didn’t buy into the sadists dynamic and she decided to defend herself, thereby reminding all of the other punks of the likely consequences of tormenting the largest predator that lives on the land we call the “Earth”.

Let’s hope the zoo wins this one, if for Tatiana if no other reason.


Art A Layman said...


Am in your camp on this one wholeheartedly!

Anonymous said...

Gee Ted
Does that mean that you are donating your lawyer skills to help the zoo out? Thought not just more big talk. I bet you would have taken the plaintiffs case if they would have lived in Clive and had Anglic names!

The Real Sporer said...

Anon 2:42

You must be a new reader pretending to know me. Even a semi-literate reader would have recognized my rather ecumenical view of punks and animals (other than man).

To start with, I’m not sure what race/ethnicity has to do with torturing animals. A punk that would torture animals of black, brown, yellow, pale olive drab (like me) or any other skin color pretty much deserves whatever the animals do to them in response. So I assume the racist accusation was just a badly failed default response by an ignorant mind.

As to the legal help for the zoo, of course I would help them, although I expect their insurance company has some very good lawyers on board who are already actually authorized to practice law in California. I would help the DM Zoo in a heartbeat in similar circumstances.

As for taking the Plaintiffs case, I and most other lawyers frequently decline representation of persons or causes we find repugnant. For example, I don’t represent dead beat parents who are willingly failing to support their children or real girl hitters or child abusers. They have a right to counsel but not my counsel.

As for "Anglic" names, and I think the actual adjective is "anglican" (no uppercase on the "A") do you mean names like Sporer, Sklavonetes, etc... like my maternal and patrinymic surenames?

Normally I wouldn’t respond but your particularly childish smear was just too rife with error to go uncorrected. My friends might think you are an intentional foil instead of merely the possessor of adult technology while being still hampered by a pre-adolescent wit.

Abe Lincoln was usually right son, it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to comment at The Real Sporer and permanently remove all doubt. Listent to Abe.

Anonymous said...

If you were "slovak" then you would know that "anglic" names were those that sounded English or were used on savs who americanized their names. I guess now republicans want to show that they have an immigrant past. How noble of you!
In regards to your thinking of a racist remark, it was more of a class distinction thing that you base all your allegations/observations or blind rants on,take your pick. It is just easier for you to do tough talk about punks who have ethnic surnames. I doubt that you would have called him a punk if their names were Branstad,Gross, Vitter or Craig. Do you equate Cheneys hunting pen raised game a"Sport"? or is he a torture "punk" who shoots tame animals that are prodded into flight for his enjoyment.(yes I am a life long hunter/ gun owner) Where is the distinction Thaddeus?
These were teenagers who did some dumb actions and they paid the price for their actions. It does not negate the fact that the zoo did not have the appropriate safeguards to keep all their visitors safe so there is a liability issue when the fence was 4 feet below the accepted standards for cat exhibits.
It is wonderful how you parse your support with "if i was allowed to practice law in California and they have insurance company attorneys to handle that". It reminds me of all the Brave young republicans that want to fight but then come up with such terms as " other priorities or " they Volunteered" or "I had cysts" yes, I bet that America can count on you!
I would never pretend nor want to 'Know" you ted. Just as I never wanted to know any other hate monger or any bully boy who is all talk from a safe distance and no action when needed!

Real ted Sphincter GOP

Anonymous said...

Just what they need on this case - a high price divorce attorney with an ego.

Anonymous said...

poor ted
Just like every other Republican he can't get anything right!It is better to be silent, and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

~ Silvan Engel ~
it has also been attributed to mark twain . I just chalk it up to your tendency for revisionist history! Better listen to Silvan, Thaddeus! Oops, too late your blog has removed all doubts!
maybe you can sue your university for a refund!

real ted Sphincter GOP